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my idea on current situation on premium CVs and how they should be rebalanced.

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Premium aircraft carriers are added in around april and they are available in store except Enterprise she's removed because she was OP and didn't get rebalanced i will talk more about Enterprise later,  first some of them is not balanced like Saipan and GZ ,Kaga is great when they are top tier they do kinda okay  but still same tier and uptiers gives them harsh time playing them.



First Saipan

She's a T8 american aircraft carrier she's using T10 aircrafts but with bad plane amount and bad restoration time , with changes to AA even lower tiers has easier time dealing with her. Its worse when she uptiered that  its impossible to play with her that she unrileible trainer for American CVs. meanwhile ship itself is bad too ,she doesnt have great AA her hull is unarmored but she's fast.


best way to buff her is decrease her restoration time to much useful time that she can be more playable.


second Kaga

She's T8 Japanese aircraft carrier using T7 aircraft with huge hangar space that she spams aircraft at the problem even tho her restoration is not great either worse then GZ somehow . That if she lost all her planes that means she can't replenish them easily but still her Torpedo bomber layout reminds prenerf hakuryu with 4 torpedos ,her dive bombers are HE that she can casually drop on anything. and her rockets umm i don't know much about them .


overall she's great carrier i can't think great buff to her outside the all CVs needing Restoration time.


Third and my favorite Graf Zeppelin

She's T8 German Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin, Even tho people say Zeppy is crap actually she isn't but still she needs more buffs and reworks.


First her Stats are great , her speed 32 knots decent for carrier , she has meme secondaries that goes 9.4 km and trust me they are useful when french or any DD rushes to gun you down but AA isn't that eye opening.


Her Attack aircrafts are actually very great their slow speed allows her to turn in DDs air Detection range and allows her attack again an again without loosing DD.and Damage is great with 40 mm pen .


Her Torpedo bombers are meh speed is awesome but her damage is crap still that 228 knot speed allows her to quikcly spot enemy , attack enemy in lightning speed and sometimes they doesn't need healing.


but Dive bombers are where it gets bad, they are Tricky to play.


when you go full speed with bombers they attack acts like a BB shell goes from 30-20 degrees angle this is especially great for attacking cruisers because their citadel is lowely armored but it mostly misses gonna go into that, with second thing if you slow down to 155 knots you can drop from 90-80 degrees angle this allows you to drop on BBs and CVs and its more accurate for some reason but it still misses a lot it mostly doesn't go to where reticle says rather drops it into somewhere random.


meanwhile her restoration time is better against Kaga or Saipan but still its not great against OP Enterprise


way to buff her is :


first Restoration time decrease it by 10 second it will be better and more usefull


second rework her dive bomber reticle make it more accurate and give 1 more plane for squadron and attack flight . this will allow her to hit citadels more accurately and deal more damage with maximum of 20 k if she's lucky.


others doesn't need much change maybe attack squadron to 9 planes with 3 as attack flight.



Lastly Enterprise

She's a T8 American aircraft carrier, best premium carrier in the game and best trainer for american CVs .


first Hull her AA is pretty great , her speed is 32 knots base.


She has Attack aircraft squadron of 12 aircraft with 3 per attack that's absurd even more is her fighter consumable has 10 plane thats more then any T10 with plus her damage with them is very great with only downside is you can't do what GZ can do but DMG is high enough to pass that downside.


her Torpedo bombers are same as Lexington doesn't need to talk about these .


her AP bombers where we get to OP part, she has 2 bombs per plane with damage of 6 k , 3 per attack that does 6 bombs , 6 x 6 means 36 k possible damage thats absurd and because of 6 bombs they are accurate aswell. GZ and Shoukaku can't reach that lvl , although yes her AP pen is lower etc but jeezus she can drop 20k on  cruisers and German BBs . thats absurd and needs nerfs.


her restoration time is best in class too that needs nerf too like her rocket has 42 base as i saw . or her bombers around 60 seconds or less .


best way to balance her is following


increasing her restoration time will make her more vulnurable to AA and make player think about his actions.


changing her attack aircraft squadron to 9 will make a change. 3 per attack flight still but this will save some DDs interms of maximum DMG per squadron.


changing her AP bomber squadron to GZ where she will have 8 bombers and 2 per attack allows to decrease DMG and delete potential because attack will become more inaccurate.plus damage will be around 24 k maximum and when thinked about some misses, damage will be lower drastically.


this might make enterprise back in store and give our great trainer back.



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