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Differences in play from Sinop to Kremlin

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I've unlocked the Vladivostok after an enjoyable grind in the Sinop and considering whether it should be the next BB line to focus on to 10. 

I've already got the Montana, unlocked the Izuno, King George V, Friedrich der Große and  Normandie.


My experience of the US BB grind was of course the sudden change from Colorado to North Carolina, and extra speedy Iowa had enough different to change some play from North Carolina as a bow tanking hero and likewise Montana increased robustness and the return of the 4th turret. Likewise it seems that the INJ changes quite a bit from Amagi to Izuno, France from Lyon to Richelieu and the german BB's finally stop using 381mm with FdG.


From a glance over the stats, it seems that Vladivostok is pretty similar to Sinop (obviously with some better numbers for being tier 8). Vaguely aware Vlad' currently has a Sigma of 1.8 but it's maybe being nerfed to 1.7 (like Sinop?)


Likewise Sovetsky Soyuz seems an improved Vladivostok. (With a reduced sigma of 1.7? - a bit unsure about this)


The Kremlin has 457mm guns that can overmatch 30mm plating but otherwise is pretty similar to Sovetsky Soyuz. I believe Kremlin has a sigma of 1.9?

There will be obviously some change from tier 7 play to tier 10 with increased range (and the vexing tendency for sniping) but do all 4 highest tier Russian BBs have very similar play styles (more so than other BB lines) or am I missing anything?

Edit: I have noticed that Vladivostok does have faster turret traverse (4 degrees/sec) and Sovetsky and Kremlin both have excellent 6 degrees/sec. 

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