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[ATAC] - looking for competitive veteran players

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Greetings fellow Sailors!

[ATAC] is looking for like-minded players to have some fun and reach some goals.


For short attention spans:
Are you an experienced and competitve minded player near meeting the requirements? Come and say hello to me in Discord: https://discord.gg/fdQbtSK :cap_cool:



Still interested? Read on:


Who we are:

  • We are a group of veteran competitive players with the ambition to have a good time while still successfully winning matches!
  • Many of us have high competitive backgrounds from clans like OMNI, RAIN, the old WGP2W, and some even won the King of the Seas tournament
  • At the same time we are husbands, partners, fathers and family members who respect each other in great friendship. Keeping it relaxed and easy is one of our main goals
  • Most of us are German, and all of us are retarded but we can understand and speak fluent English with a few tries. Anyways it will be you who has to live with listening to our lovely German English accent. “th” anybody? :Smile_trollface:
  • Many of us are relatively WoWs-retired. We still do some random games if we feel like it and when the time is given. But often there is at least one member who has the game currently deinstalled for a non-specified reason. :Kappa:


What we want:

  • We strive to play in Clanbattles with a good team. So it would be marvellous if you could bring some experience with you. Whilst this is not mandatory, it certainly eases the process.
  • Establish an environment with a competitive mindset, yet keeping it relaxed. When someone wants to takes a break from the game – that’s perfectly fine.
  • Playing some games with people who are nice to talk to, reasonable but at the same time childish enough to endure some humour. If we are tired of WoWs you will certainly find somebody to play a different multiplayer game – no matter what. Short term fun in race games like Wreckfest. Shootouts in GTA. Highly complex strategy like in Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Imperator Rome. There is something to suit all tastes.
  • We are definitely not a schooling clan. Of course nobody is perfect. But this is not the place to learn about the basic concepts of the game. None of our players is “Mr. Perfect” in World of Warships, knowing everything and never doing mistakes – But we expect at least the willingness to learn and improve upon an already set base. The biggest advantage of this: There are no There are no mandatory trainings!


Who we want:

  • We search for players with a competitive mindset and a good sense of humour.
  • Requirements: Your winrate should be at least around the clan average (min 55% Winrate), or alternatively get a personal recommendation of a clan member. 
    No worries: While we are well aware Although the statistics like the winrate never tell the whole story, however we have yet to see a player with below 50% winrate overall who is outstandingly good.
  • Experienced players, partly-retired competitive veterans and war invalides are warmly welcome here. Most of us are in that stage. “Randoms are tedious, but clanblattles with the bois gonna be fun”.


How we want it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):

  • Come in and say hello so we can give you a warm welcome. Stay around and have a good time. Feel free to hop into the channels and play some matches or just talk.

  • Please: Do not hesitate to join in. Actively keeping an eye out for potential new members is difficult since none of our admins have perfected their mind-reading capabilities yet.

  • If you want to join us: Poke an admin. There is no official “trial” phase. Just the time to get used to another. And we’ll have an internal poll for every new recruit. That’s it!



Discord invite link:


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