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Received a warning

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I received a warning for replying


"Riche (Richelieu) is fast' 

in a topic where everyone talked about the speed of this bb in relation to other ships. I Wasn't malicious, wasn't spamming, just offered a serious albeit short opinion of the ship, which is one of my all time favorites btw. I understand that I may have been flagged from forum members in retaliation for other posts but this seemed extreme. Since I'm probably in the wrong, I will not press any further, just wanted to mention it here in the open. Cheers :)

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Thread closed.


Creating a thread like this one is another rule violation, don't discuss moderation. If you have questions about a warning/reminder you received, you can always send a PM to the moderator who gave you the warning or you can send a PM to Tanatoy if you think it was unjustified.

You also didn't get a warning, you only got a Friendly Reminder. A Friendly Reminder does not count as warning point, it's just to remind you to think about the forum rules before posting.

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