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MadMen Recruiting (again!)

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-MM are Recruiting again!

We are re-building the clan and looking for new active players to join us in randoms, co-op divisions and those battle things what earn you steel. 


About -MM

As our Lord and Saviour, founder of -MM, the Great Mungo put it -

 Evil_Mungo, on 11 August 2014 - 12:50 PM, said:

[-MM] MadMen is a popular clan of very capable players that is founded on the principle that skilled players can compete with low drama.  It is possible to play4funtm and still be good at winning games, carrying randoms, and winning tanks.  We have built up a solid group of players very quickly that are active and able to win games.  We would like to continue doing so.



Evil_Mungo, on 06 December 2016 - 02:49 PM, said:


[-MM]Madmen  is a unique clan that goes beyond the extrajudicial closing down of our threads by vigilante moderators.  It goes beyond the narrow clan loyalties that can be prevalent within some tryhard communities which merely call on clans to have gudfites with other clans and then post memes about it.  It centres those that have been marginalised by 'The Man' across the entire gender spectrum, from the white cisgendered -MM to the strangely sexually charged clanwars clans, it centres on those that have been marginalised by previous endgame liberation movements.


Also, we play tanks boats and this is an on-topic recruitment thread.



We want to continue those traditions and build a new community of -MM players, this is a social clan who also want to have some fun and banter with mates whilst beating some other peeps in team based game modes. 


The clan has been around since 2014, it regularly competed with top clans on an almost equal footing when we were all paying attention (but that was in tanks, but this is sort of like tanks but on water so it still counts)



All this has been shamelessly copy pasted from the tanks recruitment thread but as I was a founding member of the original MM (yes I'm that old!) I'm allowed to.


We are a pan-European clan. Which these days means we have some Brits and everyone else is European.

We've shed some of our less skilled players into clans of a lower historical pedigree (MUMMY, CR33D,  WGP2W, etc.) so would like to find some new ones.


Try Hard Criteria:


Have some of them OP Tier X ships.

Be a team player

Know what that little map in bottom right hand corner is for.

We are probably looking at least 54 - 55% WR overall, as long as they are in the right tanks boats and the right tiers, not clubbing the living hell out of people on tier 5 with your Gremyashchy. If you don't quite meet the requirements you might still get in if you can convince us that you are a stand up chap

Ultimately as well you'll need to integrate with the community, be active, be on the discord and be able to take a ribbing because as Mungo (first of his name, lord of the seven forums, purveyor of all things pink and fluffy) put it - 'You need to be impossible to offend because we will try, regularly and vociferously.' As stated, the aim is to get a good core of players who know what they are doing and who we can progress with towards the goal of entering Clan Battles again, so at the very least you have to be willing to get shouted at obscenely for doing exactly what the FC told you to do, even if it ends badly


Discord Address:




Or talk in game to:







Top notch recruitment video stolen from tanku klan:







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