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ST - changes to test ships

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WG Staff, Administrator
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Soviet battleship Poltava, tier VII:


  • Firing range of main caliber guns increased from 16.1 to 18.3 km.
  • Accuracy settings for the main caliber guns are adjusted to the standard settings for battleships.


Poltava's concept is very similar to that of Sinop, but due to the specifics of armoring it is less effective in close combat. We've increased Poltava's firing range and also changed the settings of her guns. Now the concept of Poltava will be closer to that of 'usual' battleships, but with some characteristic differences such as a limited number of Damage control party charges and a special armoring scheme.


American battleship California, tier VII:


  • Firing range of main caliber guns increased from 17 to 19.1 km.
  • Sigma parameter was changed from 1.7 to 1.8


In keeping with many other American battleships of her era, California does not have the fastest speed. Because of this, the ship spent too much time reaching the battlefield at the beginning of the game, and sometimes did not have time to help allies during battle. We increased the range of the ship's main caliber guns so that she can engage the enemy earlier, and also slightly increased her accuracy so that California can engage the enemy effectively at long range.


Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change.

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So Poltava gets a standard BB guns and better range, while remaining with the Russian DCP? I don't feel that setup. I'm going to wait and see what the testers and streamers say about it, but right now I think the whole ship is a missed opportunity.


As to the Cali, this is just the first round of buffs for it to make it perform. Come on WG, give it secondary characteristics of the Massachoochoo. You want it.

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WoWs Wiki Team, In AlfaTesters, Beta Tester, Quality Poster
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The changes to Poltava sort of make sense, but making her a normal BB both sort of justifies her existance while also making me wonder why you would want to make a "normal" premium RU BB. But I'd have to look more closely at her armor scheme to understand more.


More sigma is exactly what I thought Cali deserved and quite a substantial increase of range. I'm pleased to see this and keen to see whether this is enough.

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I believe that is all Cali really needs (other than people willing to play a slow BB).


With Poltava though, as much as I doubt you can make ships having a new niche in the game over and over again and thus I don't expect it for ships that actually existed (say California), I really don't understand what Poltava is supposed to bring to the table. It used to be a short range stealthy BB with terrible manoeuvrability and so-so guns. Now it's a medium range BB that still handles like a continent with maybe a bit more accurate (at medium range) guns with still the same so-so characteristics.

I mean the ship is decently pretty, but why did you want to add it in the first place? Don't tell me a graphics designer made the model in his/her free time and you're just now trying to find stats for it. :etc_hide_turtle:

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Beta Tester
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Poltava: Interesting.


Cali: Still a hard pass for me.

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