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Totally Lost

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Mind you, I am an fairly experienced player with DD's, CC's, BB's. The new AC controls have me totally flummoxed. I can drive the Carrier. When I try to fly a flight of planes my view keeps jumping around,  planes go one way while my view goes elsewhere, I cannot seem to get the reticle on the target in order to fire the weapons/drop torps or bombs... Is there a tutorial that can teach me the flight controls? How to aim? Etc...  Submarines are looking better and better every time I try this new control system. HELP!!!

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Your camera will always follow your current active squad.

W/S: speed up/slow down (as long as keys are pressed and "boost" available)

A/D: coarse course control

mouse: fine course control (as long as camera-direction is within some margin around the current course)

hold RMB: free look (no chance planes will turn with the camera)


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