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WoWS Show: Awaiting Submarines

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This show used the wrong verb IMHO: "Awaiting".


"Dreading" would be more appropriate as far as I am concered. As usual, YMMV.


Wargaming have not published any evidence that I have seen that indicates that the majority of players want submarines in the game.

So I have to conclude that WG are being arrogant and deciding what the players want - like the carrier rework  ****-up.


If you think that I am being too strong then maybe it is because I am at a personal crisis point with this game right now.

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Well everybody who had the privilege to be on time and really played that improved WoWs ripoff long time ago.
I mean that way better game. (when it was not full off hacks and cheats, yet)
That WoWs-look-a-like, had good working CV's and excellent DD-play-style implant (like half speed = better concealment) AND SUPMARINES !!!
It had not as good graphics, and the p2w rate was overkill at some point.
But the game-play,...
wow man! I really miss it.
Submarines including spotter-aircraft's if they had it in real-life...  just worked well.

Well everybody who played that game knows submarines can really complete a naval-game as this.

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