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So this patch introduced something that is more of an annoyance than a benefit: a fire alarm horn. I'm not talking about the "oh-my-god-all-my-nodes-are-on-fire" type fire alarm, I'm talking a firealarm that is blaring every 4 (?) seconds when there is a fire. Anywhere, in any number on the ship.

Let me tell you something dear developer in charge of sound: it's annoying. Very much so. It is distracting because it used to only be so that you had a horn when you were on fire on all nodes. Now this one is louder, meaner and more useless. And you cannot turn it off. 

Which brings me to my main point:

Please provide the option to turn off alarm sounds or just some sounds in general.

I'm not talking about volume setting, I'm talking disable. Yeet over the side. Dropkick out the window. I don't want to have a horn for a single fire, I don'T want one for all of my nodes. I don't want one for flooding, I dn't want one for anything. But I can't turn those off and they are providing me with one thing: not information, annoyance. I'm not going toforget I'm on fire, the view is tinted orange. I'm not going to forget I'm flooding, the bottom of the screen is tinted greyish blue. So please. With sugar on top. Let me disable at least some of the sensory overload. 

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