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On 8/4/2020 at 9:09 AM, Gudgeon said:


Playing submarines on the test server will never reproduce the same results as when the are released to the 43% potato's on the main server.

That's for sure, though it will be quite predictable what will happen if they do not fix them up. 

I think how they did it now is a step. Now fix stuff,  and do it again. 


EDIT: might even add, that (if unfixed) the results will be EXACTLY the same as on the test server. 

After a few weeks, about 80% will be b0ts and the rest will be subs - and the single nutcase that pressed the wrong button. 


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On 9/20/2019 at 5:05 PM, H4d3zZz said:

I am really itching to try out the submarines. Already have the test client installed but as luck would have it or better said the absence of it i didnt get selected for the first wave(as usual) :Smile_sad:


In any case i am already stockpiling credits and free xp for them in the main game, really cant wait to see how they are going to be.


At least for now what i can see it looks interesting


When you downloaded did it come up. 

"World of Warship2"? 

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On 8/4/2020 at 9:09 AM, Gudgeon said:

 You do actually play this game? When was the last time you had any kind of co-ordination in  battle, aside from playing in a division? There is no co-ordination in this game. Hell will freeze over before there is co-ordination in random battles. It has not happened in the last five years. Dare I say it, ranked battles offer much more co-ordination between players than randoms ever do. Lack of co-ordination in this game is the biggest problem and the reason why most battles are so one sided. Battles comprise of basically which pile of domino's collapse first. It is about time more effort was spent trying to co-ordinate teams (I have no idea how as it is just common sense to co-ordinate with other players, in opinion) than introducing invulnerable classes that thrive on a lack of team co-ordination (CV's and submarines) and bovine excrement ships that have Armour, accuracy and hard hitting shells........


Playing submarines on the test server will never reproduce the same results as when the are released to the 43% potato's on the main server. It will be a disaster for anyone that clicks 'battle' to try and have fun in their leisure time.

Only 43% patatos? You're an optimist, I think there are more :Smile_trollface:

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I'd like an overhaul to make it a bit more fair:

I believe I tweaked it, so the handicap is still there, but it's more fair.


Air planes have a green guiding fields for arming distance. All other torpedo vessels needs this.


All torpedoes, whether it's air or seaborne will hit in Periscope depth.
Medium spread and/or less risk/chance for a hit (multiple shots at once, the higher chance for for a hit)



About homing torpedoes. Some raised this issue and manual torps are on other ships and aviation. Homing is one of the specialties of the SS. If you don't want homing, just fire without sonar.

I was rammed the other day by a sub and he shot all his torps in my starboard side :D.


Dedicated button for Periscope depth (G?). Tab again for surface. This also works while surfaced!
Tapping fast ascend will only take you to periscope depth. A slight pause will go to surface (or double-tap "Periscope-Depth").


Only at emergency blow-outs (empty dive gauge) should it surface at once! This goes fast!

Subs are stranded, if gauge run out at maximum depth:

Subs will sink even deeper, get flooded and crush (white explosion). To avoid this a the gauge will flash red and a sort of warning will be heard. If the player is on an ascend "above max depth"
(next lowest number or just a few lines above "max depth"), Emergence Tanks can be blown an the surface will be reached at... twice or thrice the speed!

If flooding has not been taken care of in a certain amount of time, a fire will break out in the battery room (saltwater and lead batteries) and release toxic gasses and batteries will drain even faster.


Anti-Torpedo measures for Submarines.

First one was the Kriegsmarine's "Bold" from 1942 onwards https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bold_(decoy)


Periscope depth still has the decreased speed.

Periscope Depth compared to surfaced:
2/3 detectable by a Scout Plane.
1/2 by every other plane.
1/3 by ships (except destroyers and other subs because of their superior sonar systems, it's just like a surfaced)


While surfaced only visual options are periscope (binoculars) or under water just below water.


Achievement for assisting another sub (Wolf Pack)


"Spotted"-achievement works on rediscovering a submerged sub using hydrophone, which has been lost on map.


Antenna and snorkle are present on the submarines:
Batteries/air recharge with present speed at periscope depth and faster surfaced.
Claiming a keypoint or an area take 4 times normal. (Every 30. second the sub is fully detectable for 5 seconds. This also applies if assisting at Periscope depth).


Commander Skills:
Let's take one: Who in their right mind will choose e.g. the "Battery" giving a bit more diving time, having it removed with an additional penalty, when detected ?!?
Take a look at the Skipper Skills again! Please!



Battleships overpowered! All other planes than Scouts should be removed.
The Surveillance RADAR now works as a hydrophone ?!? Come one! You give the Depth charges, smoke and super speed, will be the next! And they're whining about the subs?!?

Removing Homing?!?

Sonar ping is calculated and the firing solution is plotted. Either the Torpedo is pre-programmed with this or the torpedo is homing on the magnetic steel hull. If so, why sonar ping? I found no evidence on a non-thorough search, that degaussing would work on torpedoes. Only seamines (also deployable by SSs BTW :)). 

If the Torpedo is acoustic, Torpedo Decoys could be launched. 

The following is the best solution, I think, and should apply to both BBs and CVs:

There was Torpedo Net (which was the first and only effective while stationary) and the Torpedo Belt.

Both could be used as an extra lifepool applying to torpedoes (as an extra upgrade) and take a couple of minutes to repair when totally damaged. Or it just gives the vessel some extra torpedo armour.



Aircraft Carriers gets Depth Charge Bombers as another plane upgrade.

If Depth Charge planes are too hard to give CVs, the give Bombers this ability.


Bomber planes does the usual amount of damage, whether SS is surfaced or in periscope depth.

Divide all ships clearly!

Destroyers were made to fill the void between cruisers and torpedo boats and to combat the ladder. Torpedo boats were eventually phased out
and the destroyer took their role.

In WoWs roles are not that clear anymore. Years of buffing the "weak ship" has made the BB into a supership and players are now afraid of loosing their easy points with an artillery piece on EPO with sniper capabilities...


I have tried making it a bit more fair for everyone addressing issues. I haven't played CVs in a while and I know there's more to be done...

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