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VENOM's Youtube Channel - WOWS Replays

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So I am setting this thread up as my go to place for all my replays in WOWS, if any of you have any special requests for a replay of a certain ship you would like to see. I will do my best to upload it.


I am am average to good player, I play mainly on the EU Server where I have my fleet of favorite BBs, BCs, CAs and CLs. I have particular interest in French ships as I think they are the most beautiful and powerful in the game. Secondaries are like roflmaocakes.


My favorite ships right now are Alsace, Gascogne, Bourgogne, Republique, Colbert, Bayard, Henri, Roma, PEF, Musashi, Alaska, Alabama, Scharnhorst and Bismark.


So enjoy....



Mentions: Special shout out to @iChase for featuring one of my Alsace games in his WOWS series "Could I do better?" I really sucked in that game and I appreciate the time he took to review my gameplay. Check out his channel also! 

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I have to say you are really optimistic about your skills in this game

6 hours ago, ___V_E_N_O_M___ said:

I am am average to good player

... show a lot of broadside for no reason at all, rush with aiming, bad positioning, ignoring minimap a lot of times, etc... but i guess everybody has to start somewhere. If u can work on these problems you have a bright future ahead in this game.

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