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The 0.8.8 sound overhaul is horrible

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I just played a few games on my NA account with the new patch and it's a real shocker. The new sounds sound good but the volume of some sounds is beyond ridiculous. Especially the sound volume of shells hitting the own ship. I mean the sound volume is what, about 5 times louder than before? It is literally impossible to play with a sound system that is not a headset because if you play in the evening hours or at nights, like i usually do, then you wake up the entire house.

Yes, i can tune down the SFX volume but when the shell hits are on an okay level, all other sounds are virtually muted. Some can be fixed by raising the volume to max, like gun fire, but for other things there is no way to adjust the volume individually. If you think i'm crazy just watch current streams on Twitch for how ridiculous loud the shell hits are. If you are in a BB and a rapid fire ship targets you or you are in range of a secondary build enemy BB, it sounds like your head in right between the drums at a rock concert.

I really, REALLY hope that some modder will find a way to get the old sounds back, because this is a game killer for me. Sounds are just as important as visuals for me and this part just got destroyed entirely.

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