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0.8.8 seems a promising patch

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Vor 1 Stunde, VanD4rk sagte:

Here I just point that this anniversary patch, for me it is good

Nono, Wargaming's promises about it sound good to you.



The actual patch hasn't even been rolled out yet.


Edit: Except on NA, apparently. Watching the Flambass stream right now and they have NOT corrected the terrible sound mix chaos from the PTS. Audio volumes are all over the place. Quote: "It feels like I'm in an airplane that keeps climbing and diving, with constant pressure changes messing up my ears."


Nobody know what kinds of bugs and nasty surprises it will actually contain. WG does not have the greatest tack record in that respect.

Have you actually tried the PTS version?


What we actually do know is that once again, they changed stuff that nobody asked for, which is when, telling from past experience, they tend to break things that had been working perfectly fine. Latest example, the godawful clinking bug with unwarranted steering lock sound effects resulting from the autopilot "enhancements" of the previous patch. Drove me stark raving bonkers and took them a complete patch cycle to fix.


And the other thing we know is that once again, they ignored a long, and ever growing, list of repeated, easily implemented feature requests. I mean come on. You've been in it for four years yourself. Pardon me if I find any enthusiasm a bit premature at this stage.


And the CV / AA thing, don't even get me started (but you did, didn't you.)



Edit 2: I will confess though that some features of the new patch get me excited as well (besides all the Supercontainers for Tier X ships):

  • The context menu of the Port chat, available by right-clicking on a message, will now offer a new option: “Report violation in chat.” That's gonna save me a ton of work writing tickets to customer service...
  • Furutaka: fixed an issue which caused the firing accuracy of Hull С’s guns to be inferior to the guns of Hulls A and B. Oh Lord, Taka gets buffed even more.
  • And of course there's literally a GLUE BOTTLE on the Designer Desk!


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