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Unique Commander Tsar Alexander

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Hi guys,

Last week I purchased the unique commander Tsar Alexander from the Premium Shop for the Smolensk which I purchased with the release of 0.8.7 on Thursday (22/08). When I assigned Tsar Alexander to the Smolensk the Personalization option of Colored Shell Tracers were available to mount and I mounted them.


However, when I logged into the game yesterday (for the first time since Thursday) the Colored Shell Tracers are no longer available to mount and I'm told "Personalization not received" (please see attached).


I've contacted Wargaming Support and they've said that the Colored Shell Tracers are not available for Tsar Alexander, however, I know that's not correct. The World of Warships Wiki for unique commanders (https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders) confirms what I am saying.


Does anyone have the unique commander Tsar Alexander with Colored Shell Tracers mounted who would be kind enough to upload a screenshot for me please to provide to Wargaming Support to further support what I am saying?


Any help would be very much appreciated.


With thanks and kind regards,

Keiron (kjkb1980_o7).

Tsar Alexander.png

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If he doesn't have the coloured shells, why is the personalisation option even there? Was there a version for sale that didnt have the coloured shells?

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