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Hearts of Iron IV - Naval Battles

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I recently started playing this game, and given I became a fan of IJN ships (BBs) playing WOWs, I simply had to play with Japan. The game has  a steep learning curve, but on the third attempt I started to get into grips with the basic mechanics.


Long story short, my strategy was to remain on good terms with the Soviets and the U.S. so that I can focus on conquering resource-rich Indonesia and SE Asia. Land battles were challenging, but obviously the naval warfare was not against entities such as the Dutch Indies - until the British started to engage, and sent major forces including BBs and Warspite herself. Losses happened on both sides, unfortunately I lost Fuso and Yamashiro. At one point they disengaged, I guess they had to return to the European theater.


The best battle I had actually happened yesterday, since the U.S. also joined the war, its task forces started to appear in the Pacific as well as they provide direct support in SE Asia. They have hit hard some of my Pacific patrol forces that consist cruisers and destroyers, however, yesterday two of my major task forces managed to intercept them.

Those included a number of dds and cruisers, of the major BBs Kongo, Kirishima, Ise, and given this is an alternate history, Amagi battlecruiser and a newer version of it, which was named by the game as Musashi.

Anyway, the US fleet boasted four battleships (including the Oklahoma, as Pearl Harbor never happened :) ), and a huge number of other ships, carries, cruisers and exactly 60 destroyers - so the battle didn't go well, I think I even lost a Mogami-class and my BBs started to disengage too.


But I still had the wild card, my biggest task force consisting 29 ships, including a carrier, and led by no others than Yamato, Nagato and Mutsu entered the scene. By the time they arrived they were the only heavy firepower and led a huge comeback shredding the U.S. force, including sinking the USS Maryland. At the end the U.S. forces lost 15 DDs, a handful of cruisers too, with the rest of their task force crippled and limping away.


So the point of this post?

All this happens on little more than a spreadsheet, showing the list of ships, stats, damage and stuff like that. Yet, for some reason, watching the battle unfold is strangely satisfying. Perhaps because it is in context, and perhaps because much of it is left for imagination - I don't know.

Also, as a sidenote, even in this alternate set of events Kongo and Kirishima stand out as decorated workhorses, took part a number of battles.


Any of you playing the game had similar major/memorable naval engagements?

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Recent game with a friend, Japan was gonna join the axis and we saw that miles away. As the British (no, the Commonwealth) I was ready to defend my oh-so-sweet-ressources in malaysia so I let my friend (France) and about half my army deal with a messy Europe until Japan had been dealt with.

At first I opted to protect Oceania while advancing close to the coast (island hoping to Taiwan and Okinawa) but that proved complex as the Japanese skirted the thing and landed in New Guinea. Since I couldn't commit my whole fleet to the process (had to cover the Med' and protect the home island aswell -.-) I couldn't stretch the far-east part enough ; besides, after an inconclusive engagement, the lengthy repairs of my carriers meant I had little to no control over the area for a long while. We went for a bold move, my friend's fleet took over the Channel defense and I relocated my heaviest fleet to Oceania and started moving more agressively.


Yeaaaah, long story short, the Japanese had picked the worst naval constructor for carriers (god bless IA stupidity) and had -20% aircrafts on deck, so as soon as I started being offensive, their task force could not escape my state of the art scouts and my technologically superior carriers obliterated them. Anticlimactic, but convinient.

I'm still trying to figure out how my scouts were being depletted at an alarming rate (I ended up producing an absurd amount of Gaels per weeks so as to be able to replace the losses) since I told them "do not engage you idiots you are litterally a floating piece of metal with a radar", but other than that, I think I haven't ever lost a capital ship ever.

And that established me as the greatest naval power on Earth, never to be challengend again. Well, the USA could have but they ended up never moving, apparently invading Mexico twice was the only thing they were gonna do this day.

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