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Operations in PvE campaigns & Operational maps

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Hello there everyone.

I know that I talked about this many times, but you have, with this game, Wargaming, a beautiful possibility to mount marvellous PvE content that Many players would be glad to spend for with doubloons, free xps, credits or even normal money.
Why are you not thinking of expansions of the game, that could have their own game mode (multiplayer or solo) and could encompass great naval campaigns or battles that took place over many hours, or many days with strategic moves (be it historical or semi-historical, or even science-fantasy/steampunk like Halloween mode) - by exemple, Atlantic Convoys campaign, Bismarck campaigns, Jutland campaigns, Operation Orange, The mediterranean war, Midway campaign, Aleutian Campaign, Guadalcanal campaigns, etc. To finance this, you could give this kind of modes only to premium players (I am ready to take premium for LIFE if you do that king of game mode, and I am sure many are ready to go that way too).
That mode could be over days, overs hours, over 20 minutes for some battles, with maps that could offer retreat possibilities when you cross the map border. The player could travel on the oceans to some places when battles could take place, mustering other players or not in a cooperation effort with many types of battle : base attack or defense, convoy attack or defense, hunt and destroy battles, escape from ennemy challenges, there are so many ideas floating around.
Or if you don't have the work force to make that kind of things, just do operations of 20 mn to 40 mn length that can adapt to ALL tiers of ships, not only Tier VI or VII (or VIII in two ops actually), and don't make them ALL week, that makes NO sense. Change them every hour, every day at the max, because having the same operation for a WHOLE week is strenuous and boring.


Well, I'll stop here, but think about it, please. I am sure MANY players have a LOT of ideas to submit for this. I just scrapped the surface of the richness you could delve from the deep imagination of your designers and naval fanatics, and I am sure it can be a LOT of PROFIT for you, Wargaming :)



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