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Free Premium Consumables

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Back when the NTC was announced, WG also announced the they were going to "rework" the premium consumables and make them free. Here is the extrect (copy and paste from the tread)


2.Rework of Consumables


Two risks of the new system are an increased economic burden on users and an increase in the gap in combat effectiveness. In this regard, we are pleased to announce that we are making Premium Consumables free. Standard (non-premium) ones will be removed from the game. This will significantly reduce deduction of credits after each battle, and make the game much more comfortable for those who can not afford to constantly use Premium Consumables. Note that presently, if we take tier X battles as an example, more than 50% of games there are played without premium consumables mounted.


So, I'm asking if this "consumable rework" will still be a thing, it actually felt legit as an idea. I'm one of thiose who do no use premium consumables, so that whould be great, i'm happy with what i have right now, but i just wanted to know if WG was still thinking about it. Please tell me if should start a disscussion tread too.

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It was supposed to come with NTC....since the NTC was renamed into research bureau (and its still a NTC, WG...just because you call a pig a lion doesnt make it one)  i havent heard from it, but if its still a thing it should come in 0.8.7

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