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Things I wish I knew when I have started

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So this thread idea bothers me for a while.

There are two things I considered:

  1. New players are kind of left to figure everything alone
  2. We have lack of in game tutorials and information 


So such thread will have a potential to help with the  two things above. I just wish to set some basic rules:

  1. Post only what you think you wish you knew when started the game. 
  2. Do not comment / quote others - just react.


Special Note to Mods: I was considering whether to put this in game guides or gameplay sub-forums. Since the idea is to support a game play and get feedback from active players it ended here.  

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Here are mine, in no particular order:


Game mechanics
Although it looks like a 3D shooter it is not. Rather than having a single hitbox with hit or miss behaviour there are complex concepts like: 

  • Armour layout, ballistics and shell types.
  • HP pool and how damage is received.
  • Concealment and visibility.
  • How the economy works.

Unfortunately, the game relies only on external resources for that. So, you either go and search for them or figure it the hard way.


Communities help you learn
Do not get me wrong, you will not learn anything from the salty person cursing everyone in battle chat. However, joining a clan or game community on discord or anywhere else can greatly boost your knowledge and understanding, just join one and play and communicate with them.
Clans also provide some economic bonuses. Some are competitive, some are casual and some are just for people gathering together for the bonuses and chat. Just find one and try, if you do not like them you can always leave and try a new one.


Free stuff
Wargaming is giving plenty of free stuff. So there is no excuse for not claiming it.
Start with:

  •     Daily containers.
  •     Different type of combat and personal missions.
  •     Different types of events.
  •     Campaigns, Collections, getting stars for the first time in “Scenario” mode.

Just use what you get for free wisely! 


Ships’ tiers and classes

  • The first three tiers are just to learn basic concepts of aiming, navigating and your role on the map. 
  • The tiers from IV to VI usually referred to as mid-tiers are low tiers, this is where your goal is to learn the particular role of a class and what are specific ship lines pros and cons. Tier VI is a grey area as it gets the characteristics of the following. 
  •  The tiers from VI-VIIIII is where things become more serious and the different ships roles, strengths and weaknesses are manifested. Tier VIII is a grey area as it falls in the following as well.
  •  The tiers from VIII - X is the end game. Ships on this tiers can do a lot more and if you make a mistake you will be punished harder. Their characteristics are very specific. They are more rewarding but more demanding also. If you do not perform well in them each game you will lose a significant amount of credits.
  •  Different classes have different roles, powers and weaknesses. Playing a class is the best way to get a grasp on it and it’s a direct way to understand how it can be countered from other classes. You may enjoy just one class but playing all of them will give you a better understanding overall. 


Collecting ships
In the beginning, I was selling my lower tiers to afford the cost of the next one. That is one of the most crucial mistakes I’ve ever made. Variety of ships in different classes, nations and tiers is what gives you more options for events, game modes and revisiting previously played tiers. When you sell them you lose half of the credits invested, so why cutting the branch you are sitting on? Ah yes, the port slots, they are limited and cost premium currency, so choose wisely what to keep and how you will spend doubloons.
Premium Ships - those usually have better credit-earning potential and performance. There are some ships available for free grind: Free XP, Coal, Steel, Event given. Set a target and start collecting the respective resource, but do your research prior that some of them are not as cool as game description says.


Premium shop
If you are an adult you may want to spend some real cash to make your life easier. WG provides various opportunities with that but you need to consider this wisely.

  •     Buying premium ships (especially at high tiers) - these will not make you a better player than what you are, especially if you are not aware of their tier specifics.
  •     Buying premium time - this one gives great economic bonuses and is always good. 

There are other varieties of options, so if you like the game buy something, it will keep it going.



P.S. Sorry for the wall of text if you reached here.!The game is complex - I really wish some one told me that in my first year.

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I am as historian (of Ships) collecting the most ships i can get but when i started playing there was no tuturial at all. But i learned the most of the video's of Notser Ichase and Mighty Jingles on how todo things as they explained everything!

My thanks for this gentlemen!


and @Episparh a very good post for new players to read!

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Wish i knew about angling, caps (yes, true), consealment and what ammo to use when. And a lot of other stuff

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Weekend Tester
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The mini map is important!!

Start by hitting + a couple of times until it is big enough to actually use it (I'm at one tick below the biggest version possible ... but this depends on your screen and resolutions)

You can make the minimap transparent so you don't loose to much screen.

There is an option to show the last known position of enemies on the minimap. You need that.


The game has an automatic anti collision system that will steer your boat away from islands ..... if you are capable of steering a boat you'll want to turn that off. (since it quite often will steer you into another island)


DD = Destroyers ... the small boats that do torpeedo's and are hard to spot.
They (should) provide scouting and take the caps.

CL : Cruiser (light)
Light cruiser means cruiser with small(ish) guns ... these are rapid fire guns with losts of pew pew.
CA: Cruiser (heavy)
Cruisers with 203 mm guns. Longer reload ... more bang when they hit.
(Please note the difference between light and heavy cruisers does not mean heavy cruisers are better armoured ....  although the light cruisers do tend to have big citadels and very little armour)
Cruisers are the main damage dealers. They should hunt / scare away enemy DD's and push /kill isolated enemies or flanks.

BB : Battleship.

Big boats with huge guns, slow reload , and the al have a healing consumable.

These heavy pushers should delete cruisers and shoot at other battleships.   They should not be hiding in the corners of the map, or behind islands .... but they often will be (lots of bad players)

Setting them on fire is fun.


CV: air craft carrier.

You can always blame the CV.  (people hate enemy carriers because the can spot and harass you all game long. People hate their own team's CV because he/she is spotting harassing the wrong flank / wrong target....)


As a DD:

You shoot HE at everything.
You press 3 two times to change the torpedo spread to narrow. you leave it there .... wide spread is for suckers (leaves to much room to dodge trough)
You do not sit still in smoke .... because .... : you torp every enemy smoke screen you see. Smoke is great ... surprise torpedo's are less so :)

Put camo on every boat ... always. That -3% spotting sounds like s mall thing ... but staying hidden is half the game, so you want this!

As a cruiser:

You shoot HE at DD's. Shoot AP at broadsiding cruisers and BB's. And HE at everything that is angled (showing you mostly the nose or rear of the boat)

You do NOT show broadside to an enemy BB .... or at least, you try to do that as little as possible ... because it hurts


As a BB:

You shoot AP at cruisers. You shoot HE at DD's. You shoot mostly AP at BB's  (only if they are really noose in, you'll shoot HE at BBs)



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Title: Progression in the Game Strategy

The Jist of the Matter: Don't rush the tiers and don't free XP your progress


How to progress: 


Step 1: Pick a ship line, read and learn all you can about it. Get that ship. Your ship is what we call "stock" - meaning it has some upgrades that you haven't researched and installed on it. It is less powerful hence in disadvantage compared with other same ships that have these upgrades. You need to upgrade it to its full potential.


Step 2: Take the ship in Co Op battles until you get the necessary XP and credits to fully upgrade your ship. Two birds with one blow. You got somewhat accustomed to your ship and got the feeling of it and you have upgraded it. Give it a few more rounds in Co Op. Now you can move on to Random Battles if you so wish and play on that same ship until you have the credits and XP to get the next one in that line (or pick another class and line even though I would suggest you go up to T IV before you change).


Repeat this until you reach T5. Don't use shortcuts (i.e. economic bonus signals). 


Don't play only one class or nation. Play all classes and nations even if you don't like them. It is imperative that you have a feeling of the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.


Once you have fully researched 3 classes of 3 nations up to T5 most probably you have the basic knowledge.


Now do what you want.


P.S. - Don't be afraid to ask for help. Everybody started out being a novice player. Novice players are expected and encouraged to ask for help. Don't complain or whine. It doesn't reflect nice on you. It actually discourages others from helping you. 


Epilogue: It is a beautiful game. Don't rush it. It takes time to understand it and even more time to master it. You are going to enjoy it.

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Play like @Saltface mentioned if you care about WR and want to be heard in forums instead of stat shamed due the elitist nature of this game (Played WoT for 2 yers, all nations to T6 with decent WR as a semi f2p. The ammount of premium seal clobber divisions in low tiers isn't worth your time. 2 years of tryharding with a 30% p2w handicap.)

The game is old now. The long term players had the comfort of leveling in peace from OBT. And they themselves are a problem, when they decide to mingle with their gold ships with no captain penalties in low tiers. WoWs WG makes events exlusive to T6-8, becasue like in WoT, they don't bother to balance low tier player expiereice and fast forward all the big spenders to T6-8 with premium ships.

I spend around 30-50 euro for a AAA game. WoW's is to expensive for that. The grind is long and due the diversity and constant changes you won't haw in meta ships to safeguard your WR. The NTC might be appealling to pure f2p, but winning is more fun.

As for competitive, only elited BB's are best in slot for years. Anything else gold ships do better. I could even argue that BB's are the only viable ship class if you can delete targets as fast as they get spotted, thus the owerpopulation of that segment in MM.


As for skill: positioning, planing ahead and aiming is all you need in 70% of games. The other gimmicks just restric your positioning aka CV and DD's. Ship armour layout only becomes relevant at close to mid ranges, but thats no different than WoT gimmick. The play makers in this game are consumables when in the right spot at the right time. It's all about avoiding focus fire and attention till it's to late.

There are also a lot of controversial mods in WG games and they improwe your aim and decision making by a lot. 



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Beta Tester
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I think the most important thing is to distinguish when to listen other people advice.

If someone tells you in game that you should go there and you have no info about that person then you should make your own judgement.

If you have time you may ask in chat why, and see if they rage or explain.

Never take offence or advice from people who have hidden stats unless your stats are hidden (you think in same way so you may trust each other judgement).


Behave in civilised manner is a sound advice too.

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There's a small little white triangle next to the crosshair, I think right of it, that sometimes shows up. If it does, it means your shells will slam into the mountain between you and the ship you're aiming at. It took me over 10 000 games to figure that out. You're welcome :cap_like:


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6 hours ago, Episparh said:

Special Note to Mods: I was considering whether to put this in game guides or gameplay sub-forums. Since the idea is to support a game play and get feedback from active players it ended here.  

nice thought!

Actually If this stays inside the boundaries of gameplay, I think it will be helpfull not only for the new players,

but also for the old and oblivous ones :)


Lets hope it does not turn into a trolling competition!

Good idea OP.

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Great idea, @Episparh, the new player experience is truly horrid.


I guess, for my part, the importance of concealment and the way that it works would be the key thing.


When you load into a game you will notice that there are at least two rings around your ship on the minimap, a solid one and a dotted one. The solid one will represent your maximum gun range (if there is a second solid line then your ship is armed with torpedoes also and that is your torpedo range) and the dotted one represents the range at which you will get spotted. If an enemy ship is within the dotted circle on your minimap then you will be spotted, assuming there is line of sight between the two ships. When you fire your guns the dotted line will expand to be the same size as the solid, gun range line and so you will be seen from further away. This extended visibility or "gun bloom" as it is referred to will last for 20 seconds after you have fired before returning to its original state. If you fire again before the reset then the 20 seconds will start again.


This is VERY important.


If you are being shot at and taking damage you will often want to stop firing so as to go undetected, either to get a heal off or to reposition to somewhere safer. Be aware of your concealment at all times. It is probably the most important stat to look at in port when acquiring a new ship.


Far less important, but it bugged me for ages until I figured it out, you will also notice on you minimap an arc that moves about as you move your view around. This shows where you are looking and ships outside of that arc will not render for you on your screen. At most they will appear on your map as an outline of the ship class icon.


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I wish I would have had a mentor but I joined after 3 weeks.

The importance of captain training and management. How to choose skills and how much a different ship needs a different approach. 

Creditmanagement, how steep the costs rises after T7.


Maybe how to spend real money most efficient, how to plan premium ships. 


Some of the mechanics are quite different today and it is much easier to grind, otoh back then with two lines it was not necessary.


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