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[CHOCO] is recruiting new members

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About us:

CHOCO [The Chocolate fleet] is a rather casual clan that is looking to expand. We preferably recruit those who are interested in Clan battles but you don't have to participate if you're just looking for a laid-back community.
Most of the clan members are weebs so expect anime related stuff. If you can't handle that, this clan is most likely not suited for you. 

Because we are a mostly casual clan, we don't really care as much about your stats as about your personality. 
Some out of game requirements are an understanding of english and have a mic and use Discord, as our server will be the central hangout place.

If this appeals to you, send an ingame message to one of the recruiters: Atago_Senpoi, tsubasa_hanekawa, Ayayanami, Silverglitch or YuzuruYamai.
Alternatively and more preferred join our discord server: https://discord.gg/CGqPV9d

We're looking forward to your applications

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