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Checking back in. Pleasantly surprised...

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Been on a bit of an enforced break. Anyway an easy business trip with good wifi  (bane of my life where I work) means I've been able to indulge in a catch up with no nagging wife.


Nothing really has changed. Which is good.

I mean despite the subtle or not so subtle patch updates,  it's really still good.  I know there are meta changes but these come and go like the seasons or unlikely fashions.

I suppose the biggest change is still CV effect on the match. I can't really moan about that as I've quite enjoyed embracing the cv play. I've always found playing all classes makes you appreciate the hardships and benefits.  Besides,  playing one or two classes is like being a vegan. A single minded moron and my favourite dinner guest. (Oh the salt!)

The premium shop continues to pump out paper ships but it's all good. I like the Arsenal coal ships available.  There really is a glut of shippage available to the wallet warriors or ftp grinders.

All is not a bed of roses though....

The French DD event is an unmitigated grab at your wallet.  The chances of gaining a ship mission seem as remote as Boris Johnson doing well....

The British DD and CV plans were the generous. Ive had a fair few French containers and not a whiff of a mission. 

I've also logged back in at a terrible time. School summer vacation......

All I'll say is with 4 children I've become quite patient.  For me to do a WoT arty suicide takes some skills but yes.  I was compelled to sail my big E straight into the enemy such was the gameplay today.

Anyway. Enough ramble. Despite the micro sensationalisms that get festered over. WoW's is still really enjoyable to drop back into.

Happy hunting.

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