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Looking for Semi-casual-competitive Clan

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    At the moment I'm in decent clan that provides nice bonuses but unfortunately majority of players are french, that creates language barrier, and nearly none plays Clan Battles. 
I would like to join established, semi-casual clan that can group up people for CB's now and then, but doesn't freak out when life gets busy and CB's cant be attended.  I have been taking my time since CBT and now have couple Tier 10 and plenty of T9 are played towards T10
I do experience burnout from game now and then, but have been coming back. Would love to not seen being thrown out of clan after 30 day absence.
Feel free to check out my stats and contact me if you feel your clan is what I'm looking for.

Languages: English, Russian, Latvian
WR: 59%, 4.6k games

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

World of Warships Screenshot 2019.08.04 -

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We are looking for active new members who want to be part of our community and who'll join in, we run divisions daily, there is always someone to keep you company, we like to help our members with operations too - but we're also a group of more mature players, so we know family and work sometimes get in the way of gaming.

DAVY members are active in clan battles - to take part you would ideally have (or be reasonably close to) at least a T10 cruiser or destroyer.


There are a few rules:

Be active and use discord whenever you are in game.

Have a reasonable win rate (clan average is around 56%)

Minimum 1000 random battles played (we may make exceptions for decent players)

Speak English and meet with a recruiter on discord for a quick chat.

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Hey mate!
We at [OAP] are primarily UK and EU players but as long as you speak fairly good English, and have a sense of humour you are welcome, we are shall we say more senior in years.
We have a clan of like-minded mature members, who like to having a good time and who do not need micromanaging.
If you gravitate to players with the same disposition please come visit us in Discord
If you are:
? Over 25
(exceptions will be made if you demonstrate maturity beyond your years)
? Not thin skinned (profanity is there all the time)
? A committed player.
? Have a good range of ship tiers & types fully specced tier Xs especially. 
? Have at least 1000 games under your belt. 
? Enjoy divisioning with like-minded people who can give as good as they get.
? Committed to playing the game for mainly fun/relaxation with a focus on competitive play.

We are a well-rounded bunch who play most day's & evenings, clan battles are encouraged and we use Discord for chat and our in-game banter could be adult themed, so if you cannot stand banter/having the piss taken don't bother.
We have a good mix, some play for fun and others can get serious we play tiers 2 to 10 with a mix of classes but expect players to rotate types as requested
We are looking for players who don't take themselves too seriously, who have a good tier spread of ships and can give as good as they get.

Your only comitment is to connect to discord? when your playing and be responsive to chat.
If you are interested, feel free to message me.

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Hi @jur4ix !!!  :cap_horn:

So far this season we are in Squall league just 30 points away Gale and we should be promoted by this weekend if everything goes well. We have our membership slots maxed out at 50 and we've  built up our naval base a good bit to clan level IX.  Lately we're really enjoying the Naval Battles event as well so having a bit of fun with the competitions. Below is our status as far as naval base goes our most recent build was the Steel port so a nice 5% to steel recieved. Since we've completed the most of the small perks, we have adjusted focus to the other high oil requirement perks, so more to come .. We are a thriving mid sized community with events. give-a-ways, social nights etc. Feel free to stop by and say hello.





Anyway if you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere we might fit into your search, we're a casual, yet casually competitive yet mature community with adult players and well established, since 2007. We have a very active discord 300+ users, we do divisions and a bit of other play when we have the numbers , we do Clan Battles as well on Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sundays. We have a dedicated core of players and we are a multi-gaming clan and have players that also venture into some other titles to include WoT and WoWP, so you have some friends when you need a break from ships. We do promote using voice and discord is our platform, we had teamspeak for about 10 years but have transitioned to discord.


We are always looking fun, enthusiastic and active members. The Beer Belly Master Mindz gaming community is a laid back, social club for mature gamers. We play a variety of games to include WoT, WoWP, PUBG, Rust etc. but always play to win. We are a true multi-gaming experience. Feel free to stop by and say hello. Here is a link to our recruitment thread. We also have an active discord, reddit, steamgroup, facebook group and website for your use. We look forward to hearing from you!


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