True Orbit's Keelhauled Fleet is Recruiting.  We have removed several players who have been inactive for some time, they are welcome back if they decide to return. KEELHAULED FLEET has several spaces available.      True Orbit is a 300+ strong online community that plays many games, we are an over 18 community and all are welcome here, Discord Click Image >   We have played warships casually for years, many of our members have every Tier of ship and can division up with any level, ALL Players Welcome, T1-T10 2 days in game to 2 years. we are a friendly community and The Keelhauled Fleet is a bit crazy, come and make some friends.    Members who do not wish to join discord may still be accepted however when the fleet becomes full those on discord will have priority for divisions over those without, also wheres the fun in that?     True Orbit Discord and Twitter do regular giveaways, all of those who follow and are present on discord are welcome to participate in the giveaways, you do not need to be a member of a team within True Orbit   Come along and make some new friends, perhaps your fleet has become quiet and inactive, we can help put some energy back into your game. if you are a BRAND NEW player to WoWs and have yet to create an acount come to our discord and talk to any Keelhauled member, we can discuss the game with you, offer advice and give a referral code to get you some free stuff in game.    Sail Fast Die Hard. have fun all.   Interested? Feel Free To Contact 
Yasvin_Kinuta Lavatein
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