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Disappearing torpedo tubes on Derpitz

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1. Description

It seems that if you get both of your torpedo tubes destroyed they just jump off your ship and disappear completly leaving an empty space on deck. It might be true for each TT separetly but i noticed it only when both of them were gone.

2. Reproduction steps

Rush an enemy Kremlin, and get your TT`s (no pun intended) rekt.

3. Result

Both TT`s went to the same place all the good balance changes did.

4. Expected result

My best guess is that the model should remain in its "destroyed" state, rather than vanish completly.


And yes, it`s co-op, because derpitz isn`t exactly a ship i`d take out into randoms, but i need those sweet sweet tokens.



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Before 0.8.5 when I played the Tirpitz they were on deck destroyed. I think it might be some bug.

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