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Maybe buff the gun turret firing arcs of the Aigle?

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A small step for Wargaming, but a big step for the Aigle...?


It's been a while since I played the Aigle, and with good reason - she's one of the comparatively few ships that I've never felt comfortable playing. The reason is simple: The horrible firing arcs of her gun turrets, which force her to give almost total broadside in order to bring all her guns to bear, turn the one thing she could otherwise  do well - namely, kiting -  into an exercise in self-abuse.


A nice fellow on this forum recently gave me the tip to try out the Aigle in Operations, so I promoted her captain to a comfortable rank and set out to try to rescue the Raptor. It went rather well. Somewhat to my surprise, I had quite a lot of fun in this little Occitanian pseudo-cruiser, which was a new experience for me. Used as an opportunistic kiter , and backed up by a good team, the Aigle can actually perform. But even so, almost every time I went on an attack run, the same familiar thing happened - one or more of my gun turrets lost bearing on the target, and went silent.


Wargaming is cautious when it comes to buffing premium ships, and this is a policy I support whole-heartedly.  But I would still suggest that they take another look at the turret firing arcs of the Aigle. Being able to angle a bit more while still keeping all the guns firing, would make a huge difference to the "feel" of this ship, without - or so I believe - making her in any way overpowered. She's such a beautiful ship, and with this new French destroyer line coming, it would be nice to get her out of port a bit more!




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I've only played the Guepard a couple of games, but it seems to be at a better spot than the Aigle ever was. It doesn't have much else going for it and last game I had in it (never felt much inclination to play it because it's always felt below mediocre) I thought the gun characteristics really should be a bit better in the Aigle.

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