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CVs - AA Plane Heal Suggestion

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This is something that came to me while watching the Video made by StuntMan9630 and I don't know if it has been already suggested. I would like to hear your opinion.


Bring back continuous AA to the level of 8.4. (or lower it even more dunno ) so that it damages any plane in the Squad randomly




give every CV fixed amount of Squads for each plane type (no endless plane regenration). Additonaly give every CV a certain amount of heals that they can only use on the squad when they are on the CV and it would take time to repair them. 


So lets say I take a bomb squad of 6 planes and they come  back with 4 damaged planes. I use the heal on them and they are out of commission for 50 seconds for example. After that the squad is repaired and full health and has 6 planes again.


This will give surface ships some type of achievement , even thought they didn't  manage to shoot down some planes at first , they will know those 15k plane damage still hurt.


CV players would need to do a some kind of resource management since the ship is almost never damaged.


Constant focus on the same player  by the CV would stop, because at some point he needs to repair his planes. There would be no constant attacks on the same DD over and over again since at some point he needs to repair the rocket squad or risk loosing it completly which should hurt a lot . Same goes for BBs and Bomb/Torp Squads.


You could balance things out between CVs , giving the Kaga for example a lot of less heals and more and faster working heals to the Saipan etc.


AA Ships would play a bigger role since they could force planes of the field for some time (till they are repaired).


CV players would have to make more risk/reward decisions. Do I heal my squad or risk it to finish off that ship etc.


I think it would make gameplay easier for all and less focus on balancing AA from one extreme to another.



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Will not happen.

Non-CV players want to shoot planes from the sky and not just do damage.

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