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Totally random ping issues

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Since the last patch i'm having some weird ping issues. I'm playing a lot of coop for the french tokens and most of the games go smooth, with ping around 35-40 as usually. 

Then suddenly I get into a game and get > 500 ping, making the game almost impossible to play. The high ping goes as long as that game lasts.

Then the next game I can get either 35 ms or 600 ms. It's like a russian roulette. If I get a good ping game, it will stay like that whole game. The same goes for bad ping games.


I've tried all the FAQ suggestions.

- Reseted the router, checked (and even disabled) firewall and antivirus.

- Downloaded PingPlotter and run it during my last gaming session. It shows 49ms average ping to login1.worldofwarships.eu and couldn't find any rise in lost packets nor ping during the 'bad' game i had.

- I've cheched my PC processes during the high ping game and found nothing relevant.

- I've run WGCheck including network diagnostics. Shows less than 70 ms max ping to both login1.worldofwarships.eu and login2.worldofwarships.eu. I keep the report.


As for today, this has been my gaming session, I keep all the replays.

21:51 -- Good

21:55 -- Good 

22:02 -- Good

22:10 -- Good

22:14 -- Good

22:21 -- 600-800 ping

22:30 -- Good


I live alone and i'm on a 600 mbps fiber line, i didn't have this problem before last patch. Our clan use WG official TS and that's working fine.

Please forgive any typos, english is not my mother tongue.

Thank you in advance. I'd appreciate any advice.

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