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German T9 Premium

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Hi Guys,


Siegfried is a Siegfried and she lives its own live.


This is not about her.


German T9 Premium could be Roon as she should be if WG have no issue with KM and IJN ships.


That’s means:

3x3 203 mm, rear turrets 360 degree (eventually improve a little rear turrets angles)

Secondaries 7x2 128 mm (as a Hindenburg should have 8x2 128 mm)

Torpedoes 4x3 533 mm

AA – 40 mm instead 37 mm as started at Hipper

Such should be a Roon.


She loos the planes = no hangar = smaller superstructures = space for rear turrets. In empty slot goes def. AA.

Add 0.5 knots to 33, cut turning circle by 10 m to 770 m (optional small buff to rudder or 2 – 3k HP).





It has no influence on the game and I don't konow how many works it wolud required but they also could change the design. It should be further develpment of the

"raw" design form Scharnhorst, Bismark nad Hipper not these "balustrades and balconies" from lazy scaled up Nunberg.






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