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Official Game Guide: Out of date and space for improvement

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OK I thought I'd try to tackle this discreetly to minimize embarrassing exposure for Wargaming, but Customer Service explicitly advised me to do this on the forum where even the developers would see it. So here goes, @MrConway, @Sub_Octavian and whomever else it may concern.

Besides the issues mentioned in my other recent thread,

mainly where it says on the "Getting Started" page of the Game Guide you allegedly do not earn any combat XP by capturing or defending zones in [Domination] mode, there 's a number of other foibles. Focusing on the "Crash Course" in this first posting,  

OT the "Getting Started" page, the caption on the first square says "Getting stared".

Also the "Controls" square does not link to the "Controls" chapter but to the "Battle Results" chapter. And vice versa. Here we are making fun of players sailing in straight lines when they can only ever find the relevant manual page by accident ;-)

On the same page, the guide also keeps referring to the "Service Record Level". In the Wiki, it says "Account Level" and that is of course generally the best place to look up things, and very much so for this particular topic. Neither the information in the guide nor in the game itself is nearly as comprehensive, well structured or accessible. Indeed, ever since the last GUI change that was meant to improve things, that specific chapter of the game has actually become more confusing, avoiding the very word "level" completely. New players might have a hard time understanding what this service record even is about and that they are supposed to level up in some way.

To avoid confusion, crucial wording such as this, where it is a technical game term, needs to be uniform across all platforms.

The "Battle Hud" page and "Controls" page are still on pre-CV rework time. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/guides/crash_course/controls/ https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/guides/crash_course/battle_hud/


On the "Battle Results" page, it still says "Arsenal" instead of the newfangled "Armory". I remember warning against this wording change via feedback on this forum during the respective Public Test, and against changing crucial wording in general without a really compelling reason. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/guides/crash_course/battle_results/


So much for now.



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DO we need another seperate thread about the same subject, from the same author, mentioning the other thread?


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