Hi, finding myself complaining about the (lack of) manuals and tutorials in another thread again, I decided to have another look and actually read the manual cover to virtual cover. After all, WG might have improved it in the mean time and all the rants could have maybe just been based on assumptions.   It's called the game guide. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/guides/crash_course/   Turns out it does actually contain some surprisingly useful basic information that I either misremembered or was not aware of, for example that in Standard Battles, the fastest capture is already achieved with just two players in the cap circle. "Additional players won't increase the speed, just spread the points around."   But leaving aside all the other issues for now, which I sent to Customer Service via the Ticket system, the most stunning thing was where it actually says "You do not earn any combat XP by capturing or defending zones in [Domination] mode" on the Getting Started page.   That surely hasn't been true for a long time, has it? Flies in the face of every CC tutorial etc. I often have low-damage no-kill games where I cap a lot in Domination and end up with loads of XP.  https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/guides/crash_course/getting_started/