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Armada: Gascogne

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(aka Squishy Frenchman...)

Armor Scheme


63 200 hitpoints

Gascogne armor can be best described as "DMG pinata with French flavor"

She's completely covered with 32mm externals that provides inadequate protection in her match making range.

Ship falls apart against anything armed with:

  • IFHE 152mm guns or larger calibers without IFHE
  • IJN 100mm with 1/4 pen
  • German 105mm BB secondary guns (expected to come in next patch based on DevBlog)

Her citadel is BIG but is protected with a turtleback and sits slightly above the waterline, broadside in the ship is still ill advised.

Why you ask? Great question!      

!!! Don't let the turtleback fool you, this is a French version not German !!!

It can be easily punched through by shells with high penetration!


She comes with faster version of repair party that reloads in half the effective time:

  • 60 seconds for non-premium version
  • 40 seconds for premium version

This somewhat balances her weak armor scheme.


Otherwise she got nice torpedo protection of 32%...




Are 380mm with 26 second reload.

They rotate in 36 seconds.

Shells have little air drag and are fast...

Penetration values are nice as the guns are the same as ones used on Richelieu, Alsace and Bourgogne.

Problem is with their consistency, for 8 guns in 2 quadruple turrets 28 seconds feels anemic, considering Monarch has 25 seconds on 3 turrets and 9 guns and Germans sisters share 26 seconds reload.

The dispersion is nothing to write songs about and firing angles are pretty mediocre... unmasking rear gun forward will make her susceptible to Full Penetrations from any ship (remember, 32mm armor all over)
Least rear facing firing angles are better, kiting in this ship is less risky than facing opponents to the front.


AA Defense


She won't win any awards.

She's on par than Roma and Tirpitz, those ships are not any AA monsters.

But unlike those two Axis friends, she has effective range of 5.8km.

That's all... really.

Don't build this ship for AA, it'll be ineffective.

Go for Dispersion module instead




Here comes the gimmick...

She's capable of 32kts but is equipped with speed boost that gives her maximum speed of 36.3 knots (keep in mind equipping Sierra Mike signal)

Turning radius is 850 meters.

Rudder shift is ticked at 15.3 seconds.




Stock concealment is 16.74km

Minimum concealment is 12.57km

Detection from smoke is 15.4km

Air detection is 13.775km


For battleship her size she's doing pretty good.




If you like French battleships she's a nice trainer.

Can't recommend her for Competitive Gaming, she was never build in steel and has no history behind her.


She's an interesting design and if you want to experience Republique at T8, go ahead.


For better, more detailed review please visit one made by LWM


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