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Looking for a clan battle (typhoon / hurricane), tournaments, events & random clan

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10,950 battles

~ 1100 Clan battles (most of the time as ingame leader) + experiences in competitive


I almost exclusively play CAs at Tier 10 with an average win rate of ~66%.




My aims for season 6 are playing clan battles at Typhoon / Hurricane League and playing random battles with clan member to keep or improve 66% win rate at tier 10.


If you think I will fit in your clan just write me a PM. We can discuss everything on TS or the like.


My online times are daily 6:30 PM CEST.


Looking forward to your response.

Zul Jil

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3,586 battles

Hello zuljil


we may not be competitive enough for you however we are heading towards being able to compete in clan battles and more. 

We are not there yet however if you are looking for a good group of guys to make some friends with enjoy the game and help us reach the target of being able to compete in these events then just give us a look.


We might be of interest to you we are The Keelhauled Fleet.

We are a casual active and fun group. Will get together on discord have a nice chat listen to some crap music and work ourselves into hysterics with silly warships antic's.


We have captains of every level and able to play every tear of ship. There will definitely be people here for you to Fleet up with. 


Enjoy your game see you on the waves.




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