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[KTZN] Kill the Zao Now is recruiting

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We're and english speaking clan that focuses quite a bit on the fun side of the game such as divisions, jokes and all that, but still decently serious about Clan Battles. Last season both Alpha and Bravo ended in Storm league, Alpha just shy of advancing to Typhoon. Pushing for advancement next season.

We use Discord for comm's. Being online while playing is not mandatory, but always nice to chat and have a laugh whether you're in a div or not.

We have plenty of quite experienced players, so help with spec's, mods and such are readily available when needed.

We have room for a couple of more dedicated players. And when I say dedicated, we're not demanding you to be online 12 hours per day, but also not to disappear for 2 weeks without notice.

Tier X ships are mendatory for Clan Battles, but not to join. We do however ask that you have the dedication to grind up your lines to get those tier X's.

If you think you'd be a nice fit in the team or want to know more, you're always welcome to contact a recruiter/officer.

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