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Resident DM main looking for possible typhoon+ clan

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Hello there o/


I am an NA pseudo reroll that currently has only a DM on EU. I am able to play CB at EU times on weekdays and weekends. If other ships are needed I can easily grind them if necessary.

NA stats: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1005367566,Carrier_Hosho/?

I primarily specialize in USN CAs/CLs, radar Minotaur, gunboat/anti-DD DDs.

Any ship needed to fill in a CB team position can be grinded within reason

I have interests in anime, history, and paradox games.

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Just a hint: if you actually are looking for a typhoon level clan, you'll need to get a lot more battles and ships under your belt. 

Your account looks like it has potential, but i don't think you'll get into any of the high-level clans with a fresh account tbh. 


In our clan we'd already have to make an exception- which i'd be happy to look into- but we're not gonna reach higher than storm next season i think. 


Grtz I_Y

BBMM/ Beer Belly Master Mindz

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