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Lootbox [FreeEXP Captain EXP] P2W mechanics -> Guide for P2W in fast time?

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P2W = pay for win or pay for more power


I would like to discuss the advantage of lootboxes and included Free Experience and Captain's Free Experience Points

Also which premium ships are clearly P2W

Just when a new ship tree comes out the money is given to customers with massive bonuses because mostly the new tree also has meta related advantages
such as Kremlin.


What do you think about putting such a massive bonus in lootboxes?


What do you think about how much more WR a 19 captain brings to level 10 compared to a "normal" captain?


At the Naval Training Centre Forum there was a report that 50% of the players on tier X do not use T2 consumables.


Which is a big advantage for scarce games



Guide for P2W in fast time?


buy container and buy huge dublonen -> boost to LvL where you can use freeEXP and captain EXP


buy all tier and captain with freeEXP and captain free EXP | use dublonen to credtis


welcome you are TX with 19 LvL captain


now you can defeat other lower ships and captain (Skill needed *ironie off*)




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As stated in the German section (where you were proven that your used "definition" of p2w is not right and it is Pay2Progress), you cannot just assume scenarios. Those scenarios are the same for ppl not using any money. 

Ppl with 1000000 freexp clicking into a new tx tree just because they played long enough to safe the xp, is the same scenario. You are just skipping progress. And using a 10 point cpt is up to the player. They can still play lower tiers and level their captains there, they are not forced to play tx. It is the players choice to not have a 19 point cpt at tx. 

And getting a new tx ship is p2w because it is new? That is still not an argument because you will still play VS other ppl with tx ships and 19point cpt. The rest ist not p2w, just ppl not knowing the new ship (which still is the players fault because those information are available until then BTW). 

As stated in the German section, gamechanging combatsignals cannot be bought with real money, the rest (xp, cpt XP) is available for free to everyone. An economy signals don't give you any advantages over your opponent in battle, only in economics and faster progressing (still not p2w since other ppl got the same already). After the German section already proved you are wrong with your p2w crying about basically everything, you rly need to try and do it in the english one aswell?

Yes some Premiumships are strong, few of them op, no doubt. But there area lot of stronger techtreeships aswell so Premiumships are not p2w. 


Just because ppl don't use premium consumables (no one knows why) it is not p2w because u can still get them for credits. It is still the players choice to use them. Same for camos btw, 22,5k credits and u get every combat advantage available on your camo


And just because you are a higher tier, it is not p2w because everyone can get to this stage. Ppl with 0 money used are also higher tier with better captains. That's how progress works. 


But I can post the definition here aswell


Credits, Free XP and cpt XP are ingame resources everyone will get after every battle. And there is nothing in the shop you can buy with real money that others cannot get aswell and that will be exclusive advantages for them. 


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This is neither a guide nor a constructive post.

only being locked though.. Just for once..

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