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Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

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4 minuti fa, Xanta99 ha scritto:

Make port slots obtainable with non-premium game currency so we can keep more ships.

I agree with you, the reason of why i'm not keeping most of my lower tier ships is beacuse i don't have enought spaces. I'm however keeping the ships i'm having most fun in. I kept the Kongo, the Fuso, and i will keep all the rest of the IJN BB line, just beacuse i like i, then i kept the Bayern, and i will keep the Gneisenau, and the rest of that line. Once i will have enought spaces, i'll start rebuying the ships i sold. But yes, the port slots should be free or at least, for a non-premium currency.

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9 minutes ago, Xanta99 said:

Stop all the early access to T8 stuff that now seems mandatory with every single new ship line.

THis is a big part of the problem I'm sure

I didn't like the idea in the 1st place, and it has become kind of an habit at each ship line release..

We need to get rid of that

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@Crysantos @Ev1n

My propositions:

Make it with the campaign system. Once you reach a T10 ship you get a new permanent campaign. 1ststage is for T6 ships, second T7 and so on. Make it with tasks such as hit X number of citadels, earn y amount of credits, earn z amount of base XP in x amount of games. Basically, a campaign to prove your mastery of the line other than just getting the T10.  Don’t go under T6 so the newer players have their safe space, plus there are already enough clubbers in T5.

Rewards: Premium Camos (the existing ones), Moving captains in that branch without retraining (would further incentivise to play with lower tiers from time to time), higher Capt. XP earned.

You could even implement all of them with campaign 1-3 per branch or a super long one that jumps back to T6 after the first major reward, something like that.

This would allow it to be done, whilst still having the high tier ship ready for next CB/Ranked season. This would not force it down the throats of everyone and leave the accomplishment of the initial grind (the high tier ships) still playable. I don’t understand why you want to eliminate the inital grind completely just to make mid-tiers more played again.

Make Mid-Tiers fun again: agreed

Provide incentives to play Mid-Tiers: agreed


(Forced) regrind: NO



1 question / concern remeains if you go forward with a forced regrind:

With competitive mostly being T10 at the Moment  (except next CB season) we need to have some T10 ships ready and some battles played to stay familiar with them before and during the season.  If we loose access to those ships either restrics the lines we can restart without limiting the clan in upcomimg events, prevents the clan from adapting to meta changes due to players no longer having the ships or players from taking part in those events all together.


Example: Henry is absolutely Meta atm, so a cruiser player simply can't restart the french cruiser line or has to sit out next season. Same for IJN DD, CA and BB, French BB, USN CA. How do you plan to prevent such problems?


Thx @MrFingers for the Quote

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Weekend Tester, In AlfaTesters
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40 minutes ago, Sunleader said:




Now we can go Back to Bashing you about things where we want to vent on you but dont care enough to stop throwing money at you. :P


On a more Serious Note.



Seriously. Could you drop the Part about Requiring to Regrind an entire Line for this ??

Casuals like me who need forever for this. Will never even Try this otherwise.

And the Hardcore Guys actually interested will just Free Exp through it without any Effort as usual.


Instead how about making this Special Projects that actually Require Playing Certain Ships ?

The Missions could be made on Ships that are Relevant to the Unlocked Ship, Camo etc.


Because dont get me wrong. But while this might be a Good Free Exp Sink. It wont create any actual Grind.

Even me as a Casual will not do this. I will rather just Wait the 5 Years and then Drop the Line only after I can essentially Free Exp it in One Shot.

I am just not Motivated to Play Ships again which I didnt keep in the First Place.

And I dont need any Incentive to just Play the Ships I kept again. Because I kept em due to liking them.



Some Suggestions for Additional Rewards.

2.1 Cosmetic Stuff like Colored Tracers or Historical Emblems as well as Special Flags or Secondary Flags on the Ship Hull are Certainly One Option. And Especially Colored Tracers usually only Available for Unique Captains that Require an Entire Campaign. Would be something that can be Super Expensive to make up for this.

2.2 Legendary Upgrades are clearly an Option we could have them for each Ship from T6 Upwards instead of only T10 that would be Great as well. I am Pretty sure the Bismarck would do Great if it got a Legendary Module that Increases Secondary Range by 40% instead of 20% but Decreases Range of Main Battery in Exchange to Emphasize the Bismarck as a Brawler even more.

2.3 Something also an Option would be Captain Voice Packs and other more Personal Rewards like Emblems and Avatars. Could even add Forum Emblems Displayed on the Profile.

2.4 I am also always Wondering why we cant Unlock Special Harbours.

2.5 Then there would be the Option of Personal Ship Customizations. And alot of these could be made within Lore Limits. After all some Damages from Earlier Battles as Placable Cosmetics. Or Idle Animations of People Carrying Shells over the Ship. Or for CVs the Graphic of an Ace Pilot Leading a Squadron who got an Custom Camouflage on his Aircraft and maybe even Historical Designation Numbers.

2.6 One Option would also be to Unlock Elite Ship Signals by Playing a Ship enough. Taking the Bismarck as Example again. It would be a Great Thing if it could get a Permanent Secondary Signal Flag. As the Buff from that is the Same as for the Standard Signals. It wont change Balance. And you can make it Expensive enough to Equal 100 or even more Signals in Comparisson. It will only have Limited Effect on Signals in General cause they are Bound to the Ship.

2.7 There is also the Option of Privileges. You could hold out Torunaments for High Skilled Players. Featuring different Modes including Battle Royales. But Demand an Entry Fee for the Tournament. So that only the Veterans can Join. For example by offering up a Large amount of Free Experience. Rewards for these Tounaments being the new Special Tokens as well as Fame and Emblems etc.

2.8. And then there would also be Playstyle Options. Which would Change something about a Ship but not be an Outright Buff. For example the Yamato could Unlock an Epic Module. Which would be the Double 20 Inch Turrets.

This would Reduce Yamatos Number of Guns to 6 but Give it 20 Inch Guns (50cm). The Großer Kurfürst could have a Similar Option by getting the Double 45cm Turrets instead of the Triple 42cm Turrets as Currently.

And literally every Destroyer would be Happy to get some more Torpedo Options. It is Frankly Hilarious how German Ships only get a few Standard Torpedoes when in Reality their Torpedoes were Highly Customizable and could be set to Different Ranges by Changing their Speed. There is alot of Options here. Which could be done without giving an Outright Buff and instead only Change the Playstyle of the Ship.



As for Endgame Progression. Well you could Always Add Options for Players to go Fully Endgame.

This would also Reduce the T10 Numbers that Pressure down on T8 Players trying to Grind their way up :)

For Example. You could Create an Elite Battle Mode. The mode would not Reward any Experience at all. Instead only Rewarding some Free Exp and Credits. As well as possibly small amounts of Coal or other Ressources.

The Elite Mode could only be Accessed by Special Versions of Ships which you have to Unlock in the Naval Academy.

These Special Versions could for example actually be Tier 7 and Tier 8 Ships. Which are Buffed to Tier 10 Values so all of them are on Equal Footing.

And then Fight Matches in these Elite Battles for Obtaining other Rare Ressources instead of Exp.

Of course at very low Rates which are very Grindy. :)


You could even Fulfill a Dream of many many Players in this Game. And use this to Introduce Historical Battles and Nation vs Nation Battles.

As it would be a Seperate Mode with Seperate Ships. It would give People that Finished the main Grind a Reason to then Grind Lower Tier Ships to Unlock their Variant in the Elite Battle Mode.

As well as giving them additional Endgame Options afterwards inside that Elite Battle Mode.


Of course this could also be a Seasonal thing.

With Alternating Seasons with Different Battle Modes.

Reaching from National and Historical Battles. To Special Mechanic Battles without Hull HP and much bigger Chance for Module Destruction. Battle Royale Modes or even Endless Wave Challenges etc etc etc.




17 hours ago, Sunleader said:

In Light of Wargaming feeling the Need to Create a Reason for People to Grind more.

I have a Suggestion!


Create an Uptier System for Ships.

Many Ships which People Love are only set to their Tier by Mandatory Restrictions like HP and Firing Range and Bow/Stern Armor.

So Instead of Forcing People to Regrind an entire Line of Ships in order to get the Better Ship which then messes up Balance because a Legacy 3 Upgraded Ship in T7 Suddenly got Stats like a T8 Ship and Abuses T5s

Lets do this.

When a Player has Reached T10 in a Line.

He gets the Option to Uptier the lower Tier Ships.

If he Chooses to Uptier a Ship. He will Activate a Project for Uptiering this Ship.

This Project will Start a List of Personal Missions which Require him to Earn a Set Number of Base Exp with each of the Lower Tier Ships of this Line.

(Which also means that the lower Tier the Ship you want to Uptier. The less Missions you need)

Each of these Missions will then upon Completion Reward some progress to the Uptier Project.

Alternatively the Uptier Project can also be Progressed by Free Exp.

When the Project is Finished.

A New Hull Module will be Available for Purchase on the Ship.

This Hull will Upgrade the Ships Stats to the level of the next Tier.

A T8 Cruiser Upgraded to Tier 9 will get additional Bow Armor, HP and Firing Range for example.



I have Reached the Hindenburg in the German Cruiser Line.

Now I like the Hipper however.

So I start the Uptier Project for Admiral Hipper.

So now I get a Bunch of Missions to Play the German Cruisers from Tier 4 to Tier 7.

I got 500k Free Exp. So I just Unlock it with Free Exp Instead.

Now I get a New Hull Module for Admiral Hipper which Costs about as much as a T9 Cruiser.

The Hull Module will make Admiral Hipper a T9 Ship.

Firing Range, AA and Hull HP are Upgraded to the level of the Roon.

And the Ship also gets the Tier 9 Enhancement Slot that the Roon has as well.

Which means you now have a Tier 9 Admiral Hipper.

Depending on the Ships Setup this could be done between 1 and 3 Times.


This would Create alot of new Options and also make other Ships more Interesting.

It would Create an Extra Money and Exp Sink.

It would Increase Variety in Battles.

It would allow Players to use their Best liked Ships in Higher Tiers.

And it would not result in this being Mandatory because you dont get any Super Big Advantage.

But most of all.

It would not Exclude Casual Players like me by making this a Boring REPEAT Grind that would take me 6 Months and which I thus would Never in Hell do




I for my Part would Love a Tier 9 Prinz Eugen.

And if my Tirpitz got an Accuracy Buff and Tier 10 HP you can take Bets I will be Uptiering it.

(I end up in T10 constantly anyways)


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Alternatives to Regular Tech Tree Ships - give me the chance to have different ships if I regrind all the way back from T1 again. They don't have to be premium - maybe cosmetic differences or alternative characteristics (like the Duke of York and the KGV - different ships but the same class). 3D modelling time would be limited to modifying what's already in the game - so no need to come up with brand new ships from scratch.


Keep them in-line with their regular tech-tree counterparts in terms of overall performance, no gimmicks or anything like that. Just make them different and distinct. 


I'll give examples for the RN Tree. 


Regrind from the start and on the next grind you get the choice of grinding for a different ship that doesn't appear in the tech tree until you've reset. Most of the below are already in the game in some form - they would just need cosmetic adjustments and/or stats adjustments as needed. Keep them similar in performance to their regular tech tree counterparts - so they are different not better.


BB - Prince of Wales or Anson (T7)

BB - Revenge-Class  (T6) Not currently in the game at the moment.

BC - Renown or Repulse - Not in game at the moment - but an example of how to get BCs into a tree if a whole branch can't be made.

CL - Ceylon (Modified Late-War Crown Colony / Fiji Class) (T7)

CV - Ark Royal (T6)

DD - Tribal Class (In 4x2 gun config) (T8)


Note that these are all mid-tiers - the rewards shouldn't be T9s, T10s exclusively. 


Choose the right subjects and people will grind for them. Especially if they scratch that 'gotta catch 'em all' itch that most of us have in some form. You could produce sister ships, iconic members of existing classes for years and still have plenty to go on. 




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Voicepacks for captains (that are not anime). After a few thousand battles, hearing the same voice all the time can get a bit tiresome.


Flags - I see a lot of players with French names using the FNFL flag, or German players using the Prussian flag, as a way of showing where they come from. Allow players to buy nation flags (maybe to be used at a special place on the ship, e.g. the jackstaff) of any nation, so that a French player could fly the French flag even on a US ship. You don't even have to stop at nation flags, you could also add regional flags, like US state flags.


Build your own port - basically have the player start with the Ocean port and allow them to buy piers, buildings, islands, etc. and arrange them. Granted, this would require a bit of an initial development investment for the port editor, but once that is set up, you could just reuse the 3D assets from the existing ports and the maps. Path of Exile does something like this: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Hideout


And if you want to go beyond cosmetics:


Uptiered sister ships - playing at low tiers is no challenge for veterans, and the rewards are not great. But there are some very famous ships there, that players maybe would like to play more. Take existing tech tree ships like RN destroyer Wakeful, clone them, make the clone premium, give it a special XP modifier and put it one tier higher. Now you have a ship that is quite challenging to play, but gives good rewards in return. That way you provide an incentive for veterans to play at lower tiers, keep things fair for the newcomers at those tiers, and could reuse the 3D models that you already have. (This would not work with all ships, of course. It may even not work at all, but might be an idea worth exploring.)

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My Suggestion.


For the less grindy aspect you can turn any ship from tier 4 and above into some sort of premium version of it's self but with a special mark showing it has gone up a prestige level. So i will outline below what that means and what resources you can use...


1) Ship exp is converted into prestige points and you will need a certain amount of prestige points to actually prestige the ship in question. Credits can help towards ship exp to be convert into prestige points to prestige the ship. (more money sinks).


2) At Prestige 1, Your ship captain looks fancier you get 5 new emblems, 5 new perma camos, 5 new shell effects and colours (so 10 in total), 5 new effects and 5 new sound effects plus flags.


3) Prestige 2, Your ship captain looks even fancier and you get 10 more of the above plus the ability to change said captains name to whatever you like (no one else will see this) and the ability to choose one economic bonus (whether thats applied to the ship as a moderate bonus or another ship as a mild bonus can only be done once). Also a chance to get coal and maybe some steel.


4) Prestige 3 Does the above but allows your captain to be used in other ships without penalty (very good if you just want to play certain ships all day long for prestiging) regardless of tier as well. (although when you choose another economic bonus it can't be the same one as before so choose wisely). You also get 20 of the above items as well. Coal and steel chance increased a little.


You don't need to do any re-grinds whatsoever.


For the Regrinds you can do it like this...


Tier 6-8 NTC premiums regrind up to tier 5-7.


Tier 9-10 NTC premiums regrind up to 8-10 (maybe just 9 and 10).


Also special bonus mission for each ship you get and continue to get long after acquiring said ship (too keep you playing it) plus access to the prestige system.


Clones can be used but also vary gameplay for each other them or even looks if you run out of ideas to make each unique in some way (function or feature).


Thats my idea, i hope you take this into consideration.


Many thanks.


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The only thing that would entice me to regrind my shiplines would be some extra special cosmetics:

  1. The cosmetics cannot be turned off. I want people to know I grinded the line twice or three times just to show off.
  2. The cosmetics must be absurd. Think like Azur Lane gives you 'Gear Skins' that turn BB shells into snowballs or turning torpedoes into whiskey bottles. I want to drive around in a Gold-Plated Minotaur, with a big black box on the side positioned over where the citadel is, like "Shoot here, idiot!". I want fireworks as my flak bursts (complete with sound effects).
  3. Rainbow Tracers. For both shells and topedoes. I want the enemy battleships to feel fabulous when they get hit by my Shimakaze's 20km walls of skill.

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Simple and fair... Currently there is 24 silver T-X = 24 lines. When you have chosen a line to regrind the entire line of silver ships is going to be converted into premium ships on completion. No bonuses other than premium status. That will 24 regrinds open. If you want to monetize this procedure you can require minimum a premium camo on the ship before it can be a premium


No seasons just pick a line at your own pace.



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Have generic missions for each ship type/ tier, e.g. tier 6 cruisers must complete 6 of 8 missions.

needs a bit of thought because US cruisers don't have torps at that tier, and RN cruisers can't start fires easily.

Mission can be grinded "x" times.

First time gets a 14 point captain withe the players name

Second time turns the ship into a premium but without the premium rewards

Third time give you the ability to retain the port that you selected when a new patch hits AND NOT HAVE IT TURNED INTO SOMETHING WEIRD! :Smile_smile:

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Generally speaking, if WG want to hand out stuff to the whales, "cosmetic" options that don't affect balance would mean playing to their strengths. They are very good at modelling and visuals. It would be a risk-free winning move since cosmetics are proven to sell like hot cakes in the MMO scene.

Handing out prestige buffs on the other hand would mean playing to WG's biggest weakness - they are historically poor at balancing ships and mechanics.

That said, the goal is not to hand out stuff, and not even to create a ressource sink. Ressources piling up in "whale" players' accounts don't directly affect the game ecnomics.  It isn't a real world economy where a lopsided wealth imbalance is an inherent problem and creates secondary problems. (Indeed, enabling whales to use their ressources to gain more power would create such a problem complex.)

Rather, the actual goal is old player retention. To achieve that, they need to make the game interesting for players who have been at it for a long time and "reached every goal".

Being able to crap on even more others yet more easily is only one thing that can make the game interesting, and only for a small subsection of old hands.

There are several things that come to mind. They can be structured into a) challenges and b) social networking.


  • Make it easier for solo players to find clans and get into competitive play.
  • Hand out individual one-on-one coaching options for old casual players that finally want to git gud.
  • Create creative and fiendishly difficult high tier operations.
  • They could even hide unique easter eggs in the landscape that only whales can unlock for some reason.
  • Add a genuine adventure component with plots and scavenger hunts.
  • OT operations, weren't you going to introduce a "hard mode" one of these days?
  • Expand on the social in-game networking.  Players are less prone to abandon a social environment. That would mean finally fixing the chat, contacts, friends list etc etc etc which have historically been lousy. Since WG is so epically bad at this for some reason, what I actually envision is replacing the complete in-game communication with Discord. You should start a huge collaboration with them and fully integrate it into the game client for all the social needs. Ideally at the source code level.

Just for starters.

And I can only repeat, if the goal is increased mid-tier population, then you should remove reasons why players who have unlocked higher tier ships don't choose mid tier ships for old times' sake more often, even though they might have had a lot of fun in them, and the chief reason is the 2-tier MM spread.

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My idea is "Player base". But for player, not for clan. And new resource in place of oil.

With every lvl of building costs should raise exponentially. Should be no limit, but higher levels should be challenge for a lot of months.


  • Fourth and fifth daily container for 50-80k and 100-150k XP
  • Next lvl of "container building" will reduce a little ammonut of needed XP
  • Bonuses like clan base (but no cheaper ships, lower bonuses for coal and steel)
  • Flags (not signals) starting to give bonuses
  • More XP bonus for first victory
  • More signals for achievements or possibility to get them many times per day
  • Higher chance for supercontainer
  • Campaigns
  • Possibility to exclude one map (only for randoms without div)
  • Possibility to buy:
    • Premium days
    • Doubloons
    • Supercontainers or special dedicated containers
    • Elite XP
    • Port slots and captain slots


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Well, as far as I saw it, this is to give people who got most lines to find something new to grind towards and to get people to not just play T10.


Going by that, my suggestions for the grind are:

  • Don't make people delete a whole line, just give the missions for lower tier ships. Like, take your currency, split it along the line from the tier where it starts to T9 and let people grind it via missions given upon selecting the line you want to regrind that season and doable in the elite version of the ships up to T9. The reason for that being that a. people need their higher tier ships for competitive modes, they might still want them for games inbetween just for fun and it allows for skipping some ships that people really don't want to play. First is due to how CB and Ranked rotate, I for example already considered which 3 lines I'd regrind, mainly BB lines (and German cruisers), because I know they'll likely not be meta or if they are, there are others in the clan to fill the role. By not taking away the ships themselves, I also don't have to make considerations in that regard, so I'd actually be able to just regrind whatever I want, not just what I don't need. Also, as a CB lineup is 6 CL/CA/DD and 1 BB, obviously that'd favour regrinding BB lines, which causes more BBs in the queue, which is the last thing we need. As to skipping individual ships, I think it'd be fair, as people might leave out the most notorious suckers, but that comes at the price of not getting the special resource for the ship.
  • Maybe not make it a regrind from T1, but maybe T2 or T3. Minor thing, but let's be real, does WG want us to populate the T1 matches more? These ships are for beginners, they offer little intricacy to their design, they only ever get same tier MM for a reason. In the original proposal it would also just have been one game, because after one decent game, you'd usually leave that tier anyway.

Suggestions on the reward side:

  • Special ships seems what you already go for yourself and I guess a safe bet. I would suggest that apart from Colbert and Ohio, special ships are more in the T5-7 range, so that people also have incentives to play in those tiers afterwards. And there's quite a good few decent historic ships you can put there. And please don't dump the VU, Leone or Yahagi there. Not without fixing all the issues that kept them away till now (because every single one of the three is a disaster to play). But there's interesting and historic ships that could be put there, like a non-AA focused Mackensen at T5, or an upgraded late-war Kongou at T6, maybe HMS Ajax or HMS Yorck at T6, for DDs, all kinds of ships come to mind, like how about taking Akatsuki, giving her 8 km range torps and and better guns? In general, you could keep the ships as similar to already existing ships (as all my proposals were), which saves costs on your part and keeps with the theme of revisiting mid-tiers. And heck, I sure don't run out of premium ideas for those tiers.
  • I don't know why you stated economic bonuses were not workable. If they are, that'd be something. If not (because, I don't know, maybe you don't want even more free exp around), allow maybe to unlock for tech tree ships the ability to mount any captain with a special upgrade purchaseable with your new currency. It's a QoL thing, doesn't cost you much, doesn't make premiums redundant, doesn't distort the meta or provide much in extra resources. 
  • Special camouflages. Like, the historical ones you sold for doubloons, it might be interesting to have other such ones for the new currency. For premium ships they might get normal premium camo bonuses, for tech tree ships too, or just make them some middle ground, if you don't like giving away premium camos. As with ships, I'd argue, keep it for mid-tier ships.
  • Maybe special commemorative flags just to show off that we grinded a certain ship.
  • legendary upgrades that you suggested are interesting, but the ones currently available already vary widely in usefulness, so that should be reviewed before new LU's arrive. Also, either make the LU grind tied to this instead of the T10 ship, or if new LU's are to be tied to this, I guess they'd not be T10. In which case, keep it T8-9, because alternative versions of some mid tier ship might confuse people quite a bit.
  • An oath ring once we got the ship to lvl 100 wrong game, sorry.


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Guyz, really, don t get too excited. Take it easy. Very easy.


Don t imagine WG will really read all this.


in the best case, maybe they will read the suggestions on the RU forums. And probably would not consider even those.



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I'll reiterate (and perhaps expand on) my suggestion from the Dev-Blog thread:


Forget about the "forgetting" the entire line and re-grind it, just introduce complete tech-lines of sister ships (since the sister-ships are of the same class, modelling work is virtually nil, just like with your current abomination of a plan).


Like, US DD line:

Original     -   Sister Ship Line

Sampson  -   Rowan

Wickes      -   Woolsey

Clemson   -   Dahlgren

and so on.


Have those lines unlocked by reaching tier X of the original line.


Those ships could have a XP/credits bonus (say, 1/2 or 1/3 of what a regular premium gets, kinda like a "premium-light").

Or, if an abundance of resources is the actual problem, make them semi-premiums in the form of being able to train captains for other ships like premiums (<-- shamelessly stolen form other suggestions)

Or give them slightly different stats, not outright buffs, but _different_, like, the Woolsey's torps are a little faster or have a bit more range than those on the Wickes, but her guns are a bit worse (range, ROF). Something along that line.


Throw in special (perma) camos/paint schemes, flags, what-have-you and I'm pretty sure there would be plenty of people willing to grind a US DD line a second (or even third) time.

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am i the only one that wants a solid gold yamato, with like black highlighted lining camo


or one with the, front emblem the flower thing but in red and white some back but like in a graphic design covering the ship, like u know them hot patterns u find on some the boy racer cars




and the horn makes actual whale nosies (camo for WV has its own horn)

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Vor 3 Stunden, Crysantos sagte:

Hey guys,


In context with the recent update on the Naval Training Center plan I wanted to create a thread where you guys can drop your ideas and suggestions for the future rewards and other aspects you might be creative about.


Greetings, Crysantos

Hi Crysantos,


happy to give feedback. Could you maybe put in bullet points what WG tries to achieve? Then we can tailor our suggestion accordingly.


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6 minutes ago, Donnerturm said:

Hi Crysantos,


happy to give feedback. Could you maybe put in bullet points what WG tries to achieve? Then we can tailor our suggestion accordingly.


Just in case that doesn't work.



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If you use a random word generator to make sentences you'd come up with a better idea than letting veterans regrind exisiting lines with overpowered low tier ships as a reward.

New player : Why can't I see see him, he's shooting me from 20km and I have 13km range, we have thesame ship!

Ah you see, he has a LVL19 commander, all modules, all upgrades and it's the 6th time he unlocked this ship, so his range is buffed 20% from his commander, another 20% from upgrades and another 20% from regrinding thesame ship six times, he also has 25% more HP than you actually, oh and five consumables in every slot, he reloads in about half the time, oh and you can't spot him.

New player : Sooooo, how do I shoot him?

About $5.000 and two thousands hours of grinding
New player : Uninstalls


As far as dumb ideas go, this takes the cake, this isn't China where people have massive boners for pay to win mechanics

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Actual idea : Let veterans play their old ships, but they have an option to uptier themselves before the battle starts :

+1 tier = Big reward *if* they hit a certain base XP treshold

+2 tiers = Even bigger reward *if* they hit a certain base XP treshold


Veterans would play their old ships again and challenge themselves, the exact opposite of them being in overpowered ships & feeling dirty for sealclubbing.
New players would be fighting better players in worse ships, which levels the playing field for them somewhat, the exact opposite of fighting veterans in overpowered versions of their own ships.


Basically like a difficulty setting in single player games, let veterans increase the difficulty for better rewards in T4-T8 random battles.

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And of course I only notice this thread AFTER I wrote a post in the dev blog thread :Smile_facepalm:

Oh well, shameless copy paste from my post over there then:



Bit late to the party, but in my opinion the Naval Training Center is completely unnecessary.

I understand that the reward for resetting are not set in stone and heavily dependent on balancing rounds, so won't be commenting on those.


But the whole concept is not needed. WG says they're implementing it because "players want more diversification", i.e. not only T10 games, but also the occasional lower tier game.

Well then make events T4+ again!!


I would love to play ships like Warspite, Lyon, Kamikaze R and Fuso more often. But all the missions and campaigns are T8+, and for efficiency reasons they're practically limited to T9 or T10.


I'm one of the people that has limited time to play the game. I know, that's not WG's fault, but it does mean I have to chose carefully which tiers I play. And for efficiency, I find myself playing almost exclusively T9 and T10 lately, simply because they count for the (time limited) events and campaigns, so I'm getting the most 'value' out of my invested time.

Of course I appreciate that this is completely my own decision.


But what's wrong with making less strict tier (and ship) requirements for events, operations and missions/campaigns?

We've had T4+ events as standard for years, and it always worked. People will by nature be more diversifying since there's more incentive to simply pick the most fun ship instead of miximasing rewards vs time investment.



So while I'm not opposed against the Naval Training Center in principle (I have to have more information to make that call), I think there is a much easier fix that accomplishes the same WG says they want it to accomplish: namely giving players more incentive to play many different tiers, nations and ship types.


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- Allow me to have a second / third ship in port: this allows different builds ready BUT I'll need a new captain, new upgrades etc etc

- Bronze - Silver - Gold camo and tracers cause why not

- Special mode ( for short duration ) in which only lvl 1 , 2 or 3 ships can play ( with bigger teams 20 vs 20 or something ? ) and that mode allows you to get special currency for premium ship 

-  Ability to have clan flag / clag tag on ship

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one high-level/expensive perk I'd like to see would be to turn the ship into the equivalent of a premium with regards to putting a captain into it without retraining them every time

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want long term customer to stay loyal?  

1. Give players who unlock Tier X the ability to use THAT captain on ANY of the same line ships WITHOUT having to spend dobloons or XP to RETRAIN … So for example I could use my Yamato Captain to play on Fuso without losing anything, It would be a nice reward for completing the grind and a purpose to finish it.

2. ability to customize your ship. start mission or contest where you can grind specific modules (bigger range, lower reload etc) None of this should be huge to avoid the ship to become too strong. Alternatively modules that can give you different playstile. Example : Kahaba with smoke or with heal? You could do the same for other ships for example imagine a shima with 1 less torpedo launcher but with 1 more gun. Or with an hydro ? 

3. I play since 2015 but due to my personal commitments I am not Always available to play ranked or clan. Give me some mission (like legendary modules or a campaign ) to have the opportunity to collect steel specifically designated for Tier X ships.

4. avoid sudden changes to the game mechanic without having tested them properly. 085 is a clear example of this. 

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