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0.8.6 PTS - The French Arc

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The French Arc

The upcoming updates are dedicated to France. The French arc presents a branch of French destroyers, a new game event, the updated Port of Marseille, and other innovations.

Features of French destroyers

  • The specific distribution of their Hit Points allows them to survive longer under intense enemy fire. After significant damage has been caused to the central part of the hull, it receives only 1/6 damage instead of the typical 1/3.
  • Lack of the Smoke Generator consumable that’s usually present on destroyers is compensated for by their high speeds and enhanced Engine Boost consumable.
  • Starting at Tier VI, these ships are equipped with the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable.
  • Starting at Tier VIII, the destroyers of the French branch can boast comfortable ballistics and AP shells with good armor penetration for this ship type. This enables players to inflict considerable damage to enemy cruisers’ citadels from medium ranges.


You'll be able to obtain special event containers on the live server that carry a certain chance of dropping a combat mission. Once this has been completed, you’ll gain early access to the new Tier V–VIII destroyers. The containers won't drop such combat missions during the Public Test.


Although there will be no French destroyers for this Public Test, your schedule will be as busy as ever. During the new event you can expect 42 missions spread across four Directives. As rewards for their completion, you'll receive various in-game items and event containers.


Many ships in the carousel will be marked with the Symbol of France. These symbols function in a similar way to "stars," offering a bonus for the first victory of each day. In 0.8.6, a victory in any battle mode, except for Clan or Training Battles, on ships marked with the Symbol of France will reward you with valuable resources:

  • For Tier VI or lower ships—Coal
  • For Tier VII to X ships—Republic Tokens, a new temporary resource


Please note: you can get a bonus for each ship only once during Update 0.8.6.


You can exchange Republic Tokens for thematic bundles in a special tab in the Armory. Once you've acquired the final bundle, special random bundles will become available in exchange for doubloons. These are the new award-receiving mechanics, and they function in a similar way to containers. However, unlike the latter, you can always see the contents and number of bundles available. Please note that the awards issued during the Public Test may differ from those issued on the live server.


Take part in the new game event, activate Symbols of France, and try out the new mechanics of receiving awards during the Public Test.






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Has the dev blog been taken down? Everything is coming up as 404 error for broken links. I was trying to find out more information about the Republic Tokens.


I've found information that the T7 ships will drop 5, T8 ships will drop 10, T9 ships drop 15, and TX ships drop 20 tokens.


I've also found information that they will be available for different activities in the game. I hope so, because otherwise a lot of newer players without high tier ships are going to be completely excluded from this event.


@WG_Lumberjack is it possible for you at this stage to elaborate a bit more on how Republic Tokens can be earned?


Also, unlike the Christmas Snowflakes there is nothing for T2 to T4 Premium ships?



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It is pointless and frankly irritating to put this arc into the test without the French DDs.


That said, I like the look of the French Riviera camo. It also actually seems to make aiming harder, one of very few camos in the game that do. It's so much prettier than the standard French premium BB dazzle camo. A perma camo for Jean Bart and Gascogne that looked like this would be great.

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