we are looking for 1 new member to play in our A team. must be able to play a dd have ok stats w/r over 50% PR rating over 1000, must have teamspeak 3 and a working microphone   We are looking for members with the following requirements      You are over the age of 18.
You have at least 1 Tier 8 (non CV).
 You have more than 500 Random Battles (or close to)
 You are active and interested in playing clan battles.
 You have a proper mic, are able to speak English and willing to join our Teamspeak server.
You have a good sense of humor and able to take constructive criticism.   We are currently running two teams. Our clan battle days are Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We play from 18:00-22:00 UK time or 19:00-23:00 EU time. If you are interested look us up under clan tag [RYLNV] in game or sent one of the recruiters a message.