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And stop referring to places outside Gameplay.


You preferring feedback to go some obscure subforum out of 1 million different subforums is no excuse.


Nobody reads any of the stupid subforums  (I see the names, but don't even know know what goes where between PSA, current patch, Q&A etc , and also I have better things to spend my time on)


If you want to gather feedback, GATHER IT IN A PINNED THREAD IN GAMEPLAY like it always has been (Radar, CVs to name the latest)



Also quoting the sentiment behind a certain fellow forumite below. And please dont hand out bans for discussing moderater actions, you're already alienating your forum regulars as it is.



And no, simply saying "there will be a Q and A" is no valid excuse to close them.


We don't want a Q and A, we want the suggested system scrapped, and if we cant have that, we want to express our anger and warn new players from going close to the game.


Providing "feedback" wont help anything, because there is nothing to give feedback about, the entire concept is busted and thats it.


having a "Q and A" wont help anything, because we have already seen the community contributors having a private Q and A with wargaming about this, and all they got in response was "its balanced da"

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