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Going against +2 tier ships (edited*)

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I've just bought a tier 8 BB, every time I go in randoms I'm always bottom tier against tier 10s. How can I fix this? Same situation happens with tier 6 CVs. Every time I've been forced to play against tier 8 ships. They shoot down tier 6 planes in an instant. I usually lose my planes before I use them. How can I fix this, Thanks in advance.


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Only way to always be top tier is to only play T10. Thats just how it works, no "fixing" it.

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Hello OP,

I can understand the frustration going in bottom tier.

We have a dedicated MM thread for this discussion. I suggest you go check there.

I'm sure you can find a lot of useful tips for being a bottom tier.

In addition you can go and ask in CV discussion thread about how to be bottom tier as a CV.

This topic is locked.


PS: Please post in english, which is the official language of this forum.


you can find the above mention MM thread here ==>

and the CV thread here == >



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