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Developer Q&A from St. Petersburg CC Summit w/ timestamps

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9:05 Flamu: Aircraft carriers ended all surface combat in WWII. How do you expect to balance them in WoWs? We have already seen them put an end to many established aggressive surface combattant like flanking Zao, heal Khaba? Realizing it's more of an arcade game but still.

11:19 Flamu: Elaborating a bit, how do you plan to maintain some of the dynamic builds? Some sort of flanking and solo playing instead of blobbing? While at the same time also making it possible for the carrier to enjoy this gameplay?

12:58 iChase: So with 0.8.5, though after only one game, it seems you are very persistent with the idea of having AA that has continuous DPS, so it almost always guarantees at least one or two planes are shot down in an attack, even if you attack the most unskilled player. At which point am I as the player still playing the game, with my skills? Or at which point does the game start to play me?

15:18 iChase quick follow-up: Many of your 'sledgehammer' balancing changes suddenly make one fraction of the community very happy while another part becomes very unhappy. Do you have hotfixes ready for whenever the numbers quickly start to suggest something has gone wrong?

17:40 Flamu: I dislike the fact that AA gets destroyed, especially since it is so fragile. This leads to yet more more passive gameplay as players avoid fights with certain ships in the knowledge they will lose so much AA the carrier will then be able to farm them even more easily. Also since the Defensive AA consumable is limited in number, I hesitate to use it to help out team mates but save it for myself. How do you plan to address this issue?

19:40 Flamu follow-up: Have you ever considered to let the Repair Party consumable restore some AA that was lost in attacks?

20:30 Formerly very strong AA ships like Atlanta are now a lot weaker because in the new AA mechanics, they mainly have the flak bursts but very little continuous DPS. Do you have ideas of how to address that?

23:10 Uocat: [paraphrasing] How do you address the constant powercreeping of older ships?

25:31 Uocat: follow-up, What about Montana specifically? It is a hot topic of discussion on the Chinese market how underpowered she is.

30:00 Searaptor: Ranked Battles are an emotional issue because on the one hand they are supposedly a competitive mode, but on the other, players queue up alone and are forced into random teams. What is your vision for the future of Ranked?

32:37 Searaptor follow-up: You mention Arms Race, which we had in Season 11 of Ranked. Do you consider that a success and will you pick it up again?

33:11 Uocat: Do you think the Arms Race mode would also be good fo Clan Battles? 33:26 You mentioned there was a lot of griping about Arms Race in Ranked. Aren't you worried that it's just the rewards that keep people playing it?

34:45 iChase "Could you describe what is going on under the hood of the Port UI, why it is so laggy etc?

38:06 Uocat: Many Operations have been removed. What are your plans for these PvE scenarios in the future?

39:35 Searaptor: How about the Legendary upgrades? They were a very mixed bag when introduced. Now there are new Tier X ships which don't get one, and they have been removed from carriers. What is the future concept?

41:29 Flamu: There used to be very few high tier premium ships. Now you are introducing new ones at an insane pace. Why? Do you think that's needed at the high tiers? The game is already so high-tier focused anyway.

 44:39 Flamu follow-up: But the powercreep gets kinda scary, every new high tier premium needs something special, for marketing purposes.

46:33 Flamu: Since you mention powercreep, What about USS New York?

47:08 Uocat: Talking about the enhanced heal, why doesn't Montana get that?

48:08 iChase: Once upona time, you introduced HE-spamming cruisers which also had smoke, which proved problematic and seem overpowered. So you responded by not giving Irian a smoke screen, but now you introduce Smolensk, which has one. Isn't that a hugely inconsistent step back into sins of the past?

53:52 Uocat: You said in the past you intended light and heavy cruisers to be balanced against each other, but now it seems the light cruisers are winning the DPM fight.

55:17 Searaptor: Another effect of this insane flood of high tier premiums is that Tier VIII matchmaking gets really rough. Since you keep insisting on maintaining the two-tier matchmaking spread, what else do you propose to improve that situation?

58:52 iChase: Not a question - please no Slava.

59:00 Flamu: Getting back to the smoke HE spammers, obviously Irian does work without smoke. Have you considered just removing smoke from Smolensk?

59:41 iChase follow-up: If you think Smolensk would be garbage without smoke, then what about Colbert? It's essentially the same concept but has no smoke.

1:01:31 Uocat: After all this talk about new ships, what about some old ones? Especially remodelling. You recently remodelled Yamato. What other older ships will get this kind of treatment? When wil it be Montana's turn already?

1:03:51 iChase: Are you aware that ramming has gone a little weird lately?

1:05:24 Searaptor: Game balance question. High-tier German cruisers used to have solid if not outstanding AA before the rework. They still do, but the range is rather short, even some destroyers have a longer AA range. Why is that?

1:07:30 iChase: On the other servers, CVs have been capped to one per side. Why not on the NA server?

1:09:36 iChase: How do regional considerations impact your decisions? Many players don't realize you have four different servers, which means four different regional player bases.

1:10:55 Flamu: How do you feel about the carrier implementation in Ranked? Was it a success?

1:11:44 Flamu follow-up: You are aware of the saving stars issue?

1:13:06 Flamu follow-up: Because many CV players have told me that they just focus on doing damage from the start. If their team wins, they progress, and if their team loses, they still keep their star.

1:13:44 Flamu: Talking about Ranked, which is supposed to be a (step toward) a competitive mode - why introduce rental ships, and why then deny them camouflages?

1:16:36 Flamu: Will we be able to hide these rentals in port some day?

1:17:14 Uocat: The saving-a-star system in Ranked is based on base experience earned, which means it is largely damage-focused while valuable team play like scouting or smoking up team mates not only isn't rewarded but actually hurts your chances of saving your star. Are you considering to increase the XP reward of team play more strongly in the future?

1:20:10 Uocat follow-up: Why not give the top-rated player of the winning team two stars instead of letting the one on the losing team save his star?

1:20:54 Flamu follow-up: To elaborate, the algorithm that awards the base XP seems deeply flawed in that it rewards mostly damage done and nothing else. You can have a huge impact on the battle in other ways like spotting, scouting etc but it largely ignored in terms of the final base XP tally.

1:22:04 Yes but have you considered reducing the focus on damage a bit and rewarding other aspects of Battleships gameplay, like the amount of potential damage? To encourage more active and better gameplay?

1:23:14 Have you considered showing on the scoreboard the precise amount of XP/credits that resulted from each of the the different factors in order to encourage better gameplay?

1:24:59 iChase: Many Tier IV ships hardly have any AA. At the same time, the Tier IV Cvs are fairly pathetic. Are you happy with their interaction or will there be changes in future?

1:27:29 iChase: About the presentation of the information. Currently, you just get figures in the port screen. Have you ever considered a more visual approach, for example visualizing dispersion with an interactive dispersion ellipse that grwos as you move the target further out?

1:30:40 Searaptor: The four-year anniversary is in a few months but the chat and contacts system have largely remained the same. Do you plan any improvements?
1:31:38 iChase: How about bizarre ideas for new mechanics?
1:32:34 iChase: Could you share any discarded ideas that didn't make it into the game?






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