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Saipan: A dead quirk (+ feedback)

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I don't necessarily mind if carriers are made to lose some more planes. Its true, sometimes I would end a game with more than half of my total planes and that is not very good. But lets turn to a carrier who's got a very interesting quirk. The Sipan. It main specialty is that it has tier 10 aircraft on a tier 8 carrier. But because of that the number of aircraft it can hold (about 27 if I remember correctly) with very small squadrons. Calculations when I bought it show that its suitability is 25% less in plane HP compared to Kaga, but it has about 25% more dmg than the kaga, plus all planes are very useful on the Saipan.


How I played the Saipan was, at the beginning of the battle take out attack planes, predrop one squad so I have 2 runs left and go into battle, then, when they die take out another type of aircraft so I can have all plane types restocking timers work at the same time. That is the only way to make the 2 minute restock timers work. Against tier 10 AA ships it was already hard with me mostly doing runs on blobbed ships with only an attack run (2 planes when the rest I have already predropped). I am 41st on the leader-boards with the Sipan by average damage so this tactic of 1 run attacks worked very well even against tier 10 ships. It also means that through this tactic I was able to save a lot of my planes from unnecessary deaths. I got deplaned only once in all my 79 battles. Now, I get deplaned in max 15 minutes and that is by using the most conservative tactics. Let alone being up-tiered against tier 10 AA cruisers where this tactic doesn't work anymore. I come in with 4 planes and only one gets to drop. And to get that chance to hit 2 torps for 10k dmg I have to wait 6 minutes for the planes to restock.


Now... I will always lose 1 aircraft at least on every single run. So in reality, I now have to wait 2 minutes to get a ticket so I can drop, cause I have to at least have 3 aircraft to go with. 


What was the point of this AA change?

From what I see it was to make the plane kills more proportional to AA dmg dealt on planes. Which clearly was accomplished. But as I see it these are all the things that changed from this updated AA.

1. Plane kills increased

2. Price to pay for every run

3. Uptiered carrier is now a nightmare (a Benson can wipe out a Furious attack aircraft squad before it even does one run)

4. AA changes with no (as of yet) free respecs 


I don't mind loosing planes. I think that is normal to lose planes and if u play conservatively you should end the battle with about 25%-35% planes in hold. And if you are a bad player, you should be out of aircraft at about 15 minutes in. This should be when fighting against equal tier. I suggest make a variable AA defense. For example if a Worcester shoots at tier 10 planes, or planes of a tier 10 carrier, it does full AA dmg, if it shoots at tier 8 carriers an bellow, tier 10 AA only does 70% damage. That way carriers that are up-tiered don't feel like they are useless and would rather quit the game and play something else. Same could happen with tier 7 ships firing at tier 6 carriers, just the variable would change, and the ship can do 85% AA damage (both continuous and flak). So against same tier or +1 tier carrier, do 100% AA dmg, against carrier -1 tier than you, the AA does 85% dmg and -2 tier below you, the AA does 70% power. This is just an idea but then up-tiered carriers will feel a lot better and finally use and combining it with the AA dmg spread not across all planes like in 0.8.4 but across each run would be a good way forward for balancing carriers an make them killable but also fun.


Also. If AP bombs are so overpowered, why not add a chance on AP bomb citadels? If an AP bomb lands on where a citadel should be, that bomb has a 35% change to citadel, or else its going to do normal bomb damage. That will eliminate most problems and finally bring AP bombs back from hitting cruisers for half HP with 1 strike. Like this, Haku won't be the uncontested best carrier just cause it can one shot cruisers with 80% certainty.


The issue of the price to pay for every run is fine if you are given enough planes. I don't hate this update on the Audacious, but when uptiered or the quirk is that you have high quality planes but few of them, this update hits harder than it should have to the point that the Saipan is unplayable, and if you want to progress upwards in the carrier tree, be prepared for murder.


Spread out the damage per a whole run, not 1 plane, nerf AP bombs by adding a chance to citadel on Jap AP bombs, and implement an AA variable to decrease the 'if I get uptiered I'll just exit the game' feeling. Let the AA feel powerful but not overbearing, let the AA kill planes but not be excessive. A carrier should be entitled to 1 run. If I spend 1.5 mins to fly to a target, I want to drop a full squad and then all my planes can die. This way, in 15 minutes I can drop 10 times and if I'm a good player I will hit my drop and get some damage. If I'm not a good player I want to be punished but at least let me do something. I don't play this game to be shot senseless and deplaned in 10 min even if I do my best.

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