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PSA: Murmansk doubloon payout

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Now that the Victory event part #2 seems over (no more provision tokens to get from playing) I thought it'd be helpful to mention that anyone who wants to get the Murmansk reward from the armory (200 provision tokens) to get the 3000 doubloons (if you already own the ship), you can still do it for a net profit if you are short no more than 50 provision tokens.


  • A premium container goes for 1250 and comes with 25 provision tokens. If you were just a handful provision tokens short of the 200 like me, you can just spent 1250 doubloons for a single premium container and then use the provision tokens to get the Murmansk and the associated 3000 doubloons (plus free portslot and a throwaway 3 point captain you can send straight to Gulag) duplicate payout for a net profit of 1750 doubloons.
  • If you're short more than 25 provision tokens but no more than 50, you can spend 2500 doubloons on two premium containers for a net profit of 500 doubloons.


So, if you got doubloons lying around, a sufficiently 50 or less provision tokens deficit and already own the Murmansk, go knock yourself out for a handfull free doubloons.



Technically you can also use the same method to get the Murmansk at a sizeable discount if you want the ship and not already own it, but that is only recommended if you are short 25 provision tokens or less as tier V premiums regularily get a 50% discount when on sale so only one premium container for 1250 doubloons would be a good discount as two containers for 2500 doubloons would be considerably more expensive than the discounted price you'd otherwise get on a sale.

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40 minutes ago, Aotearas said:

s tier V premiums regularily get a 50% discount when on sale

Since premiums now are moved to the Armoury, we don't get any discounts anymore. Gone are the days of 50% on T2-5, 30% on T6-7 and 15% on T8 premium techtree ships. What we have now is an added bonus when you buy large sums of doubloons, but those bonuses don't go nearly as high as the discounts used to go deep.

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