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[TF333] Task Force 333 - New Clan Start Up

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Task Force 333:

Greetings Captains,


Task Force 333 is a new start up clan looking for enthusiastic and competitive players. I initially set up the clan for my discord community who had many players who all like to get together and have fun. But now we are looking into expanding, further recruitment and growing our fleet together.


Between us we have 2000+ hours in game, plus experience of playing together in other games such as Arma 3, where communication between us and working together is paramount, we do have varying skillsets with a range of different ships, and our fleets are always expanding and growing. As this is a fairly new Clan, we are still building up our port, but with your help we should be able to achieve great things soon!


Discord Link: https://discord.gg/4t83TTK



Requirements for joining and what we have to offer in TF333;

  • All of the minimum requirements that WoWs requires
  • English Speaking
  • Have a basic understanding of the game mechanics (if you don't, that's fine, we do have a few new players in the community, and we will help you to expand your understanding and potentially history of the ships you are using)
  • A minimum of a Tier VI ship
  • A discord for regular updates, and become a part of a larger community!
  • A good understanding of teamplay and working together as a team
  • A fun and relaxed clan in which to enjoy world of warships
  • Clan battles for farming Steel.
  • No strict training regimes/attendance registers
  • A casual spin on competitive game modes (clan battles/Ranked/sprint)
  • Clan base bonuses
  • Adult banter and camaraderie



Discord Disclaimer:

  • Once you've joined please let yourself known to the moderators, as we do have a anti-troll/anti-spam system in place, if you do have any further questions jump onto the discord and message me directly (Scarecrowbi
  • Discord is free to download and use, we like to use it to keep in touch with the community and see what our players are getting up to in both the EU and NA servers.
  • It is not the end of the world if you don't want to use Discord, however most of us use it on a daily basis and you have the opportunity of becoming a part of a tightknit community that have played together in a wide range of games over the years.



History of Task Force 333:

Task Force 333 was based off a TF, that took part in operations during the Falkland War. There is little information pertaining to this TF and its base of operations during this time.


If you feel like this is the Clan for you, enlist today and become a part of something bigger!






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