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EU Navy is Recruiting - TRANSFERS welcome, please READ inside

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We are a group of people from all over europe, Looking for players to join our ranks in Clan battles and Random battles 




Working good quality mic 

Discord program downloaded 

Speak and understand English 

Casual play style to the game 



What we offer

-10% to the post battle service

-14% to the ciost of researchable ships of all tiers

+3% to XP per battleon ships of all tiers

+8% to Commander XP per battle
 +20 to freeXP per battle on ships of all tiers

+10 to coal that you receive


Friendly atmosphere 

Advice on the game 

Regular divisions 


If you wish to join us  send an invite through the clan menu or join our discord https://discord.gg/gBsVstz

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Bumping this as we are actively looking for new members. Discord is a must as we are looking for active players for clan battles.  We are a friendly bunch with the possible exception of me Mr Salty :cap_old: Please do not think we are looking for Unicum players with high WR as everyone has to learn and with good team work we all get better. If you are interested please pm me or any EUN member ingame thanks :Smile_smile:

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Dear MEMBERS of [anything] clan:


1. Are you bored of your current teammates?

2. Are theirs obvious faults exclusively yours faults?

3. Do teammates blame you and are blind towards their own mistakes?

4. Are your teammates salty, almost hystericky?

5. Are your teammates commanding you despite themselves being commanded by their wifey at home unable to command their own sh*t?


If anything from above is YES, than it is TIME to move on and TRANSFER yourself into our EUN clan!


YOU can be [EUN] quite easily...

...just fill your TRANSFER REQUEST...and throw it on the desk of your current Commander.


Nothing from above?

...at least, [EUN] sounds better than [anything].


See YOU at [EUN] EU Navy Discord channel, guys.

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