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Player status in a clan

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How does your clan manage the "status" of a player. When/how do you evolve from "midshipman" to "line officer" and so on.... ???


In my clan:


*Midshipman: starters with 1 Tier X, sometimes tier 8 when they are "+-OK"  (Dutch speaking players are hard to find)

*Line officer: 2 TierX (Tech Tree, not prem), 50 days in the clan, using discord, playing naval- and clan battles

*Commissioned Officer: 3 Tier X, 100 days, same as line officer, "good" stats (like +-70k tier X or 50k average,.... exeptions are possible by voting...an average player can improve)


higher levels: when we need someone, preferably a commissioned officer

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I don't know about the official policy but apparently we don't bother with it.
You're either in one of the executive roles or you're midshipman and Bob's your uncle.

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