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Greetings - or as we like to say, BAAAAA!!!


About us:


We are WarSheeps (yes you heard that right), a casual clan seeking friendly and competent English-speaking players from across the EU. We mostly play Random Battles in divisions, and compete in the new Naval Battles. We do not currently play Clan Battles, although if enough people are interested this can be arranged!


Who we want:


Currently our standard of player are those with a 53% or higher Win Rate, although exceptions can be made for those who are clearly improving as a player as WR isn't much of a barometer of skill. It is also preferable to have a microphone and Discord so that we can get to know each other better and communicate during battles, but this isn't a necessity.


What we can offer you:


  • + 20% Free XP per battle on all ships
  • + 10% Commander XP per battle
  • 12% Cost of post-battle servicing costs
  • − 10% Cost of research on all ships
  • + 5% Coal received
  • + 4% XP per battle


Feel free to DM myself or Elmetian on the forums, or reply to this post. We also highly encourage you to come on our discord channel and get to know us when you do join - we won't bite, our teeth are designed to chew grass ;)


Hope to hear from you! - ThisSheepGoesMoo



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