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EU - Looking for Clan BE/NL preferred , but ENG is fine too.

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My name is Tilquin in game or Christophe IRL, i'm Belgian and 30 years old. 
Easy going in character, friendly, social and likes to crack a joke or 2 :-)

I started playing this game with some friends for fun. After they nearly all stopped playing, due to the CV update, i'm left here on my own. (insert sad song)
After they left i wanted to learn some more about the game and the mechanics and figure out a way to improve my gameplay. 
I went to twitch and quickly found the streams of 'Flamu' and 'Flambass'. Both are great ways to learn a thing or two.

Now i'm looking for an active clan who engage in Clan Wars, 'div'ing up to play and in general some more players who wish/can learn me a thing or two.
I'm almost every evening/night online to play some 'Das Boot'. 

At the time of writing i posses following TX ships: 

  • USA:
    Des Moines
  • IJN
  • RN


I know my stats aren't 'truly the greatest thing’s you’ve seen for a long time'... but still, i'm improving and slowly climbing up in win percentages. (see picture attached)

So if you think you got a spot left for an old scurvy land rot, Let me know :-)

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-04 om 11.36.37.png

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Hi Tilquin


We have a great clan that is very active with a number of multi cultural backgrounds but mainly British and are looking for players with at least 1 tier 8 (non premium ship. We use discord and in game chat, we also have a Facebook page for comms. Our clan base is now complete which makes us a level 12 clan. Please check us out @ [SBS] Special Boat Service and read the clan description after which you may apply in game or alternatively contact HMS_Edinburgh or HMS_BlackPud if you are interested in joining us.   Cheers Pud

AAA Clan Image.png

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Hello there!!

Well, let me be honest:

There is no valid reason I could possible give you to join my clan.

We re a multi national clan, nearly 30 members, average rating, with around 20 guys online daily.

We have guys from 18 years old up to me, my age is secret, I would have to kill you if I told you, but we have an amazing thing:

- we are the funniest group of b*tches you may find out.

So if, as you said, can crack a joke or two, well, with a bit more training, we are the right clan for you. We can die but we die with a very good mood.

Contact us ingame .

We only ask to be active both ingame and on Discord.

We re waiting you


PS I always salute my team mates with an "Hello my B*tches!!!)

If you ll join us it will be better if you get used to it :)


The One and Only True

Naked Bird


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