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A simple step-by-step guide to extracting and preparing PnF modding files

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A simple step-by-step guide to extracting and preparing PnF modding files


(with skill and knowledge you too can make amazing mods like these, not that i can. LMAO)

Image Courtesy: AstreTunes (Yuudachi_Kai_Ni) from SEA Group. He also contributed significantly to this guide.


Preface/What's the point of this guide

This guide is written as a step-by-step tutorial to extract files and how to prepare them for release.


What’s PnF modding?

PnF modding is modding with wows ModsSDK, a modding tool provided by Wargaming Studio.

With PnFmodding and ModsSDK, one opens up many possibilities with modding such as replacing textures, 3D models and fine adjustments to various parameters compared to conventional modding methods.

Also, you can edit files to only affect a ship. This is especially useful if the ships you want to mod contains files that are shared (most frequently turrets and various small objects)

If, however, the mods you wish to make are more basic, such as simple texture tweeking and modification, you might not need to use PnF mods.

A further guide to texture modding will soon be released on the topic of camouflages and texture editing sometime in the future.


Tools/ resources you’ll need:

1.  A Text Editor

A capable text editor is needed to edit various configuration files.

Examples being NotePad++, Atom, VIM, Microsoft Visual Studio (the last one is a bit extreme if im honest).

Please do not use the notepad.exe that came included with your windows installation.


2. Paint.NET/ GIMP with dds plugin / Photoshop with dds plugin

Paint.NET is free and lightweight  but the UI is rather rudimentary.

GIMP is free opensource software thats very capable.

Photoshop with dds plugin will involve licensing fees. 


3. ModsSDK.zip

Released by Wargaming staff, this is a file that contains various files necessary to extracting information of ships.

Note that with each update, a separate version of ModsSDK.zip is required to extract PnF mod files. These resources are easily accessible from the forum.


Extracting files

1. Create a folder structure in file path \res_mod\version number\ called PnFMods


1.1. Create a folder called “ModsSDKExport”

2. Inside the ModsSDKExport folder, create a file called“Main.py”, then open it with a text editor.

Write the following lines


contentSdk.extractSources('ModName', 'ShipID')


Replace SuperYamato with your mods name and replace JSB018_Yamato_1944 with the ship ID of the ship you want to mod. A possible way to find ShipIDs is to peep into the ModsSDK.zip .

In this example, I create a mod with name "AsashioMod" modifying Tier 8 Destroyer Asashio (ShipID JSD518_Asashio)




3. Place the ModsSDK.zip inside the “PnFMods” folder. If the ModsSDK.zip file contain a version number like ModsSDK084834570293748.zip , simply rename the zip file to “ModsSDK.zip”.


4. Launch World of Warships normally.


5. After your game has been loaded successfully, a folder will automatically generate inside \PnFMods\ 

In this example, a folder called "AsashioMod" is generated containing all the relevant files needed.


Before proceeding, you are recommended to rename the /ModsSDKExport/Main.py  file into /ModsSDKExport/Main.txt . Otherwise the game will overwrite the PnF mod folder every-time the game loads and prevent you from logging in. Ruining all your hard work and wasting all your time. When renamed to a txt file, the PnF mod extraction process will no trigger and you have can easily reuse the Main.py file should you want to extract files for another ship.


In depth guide to editing specific files will be out-of-scope for this guide. The Folder Structure and file names should be self explanatory to what each file does. Never, here is a list of general description of what some of the files do.


Files with extension .dds

These are directdraw surface files that serves as textures of 3D models.

Use Paint.NET\GIMP\or Photoshop to edit them.


_a.dds :    this file is the Base texture you edit that directly affect the skin

_ao.dds:   ambient occlusion, that helps the game to load a pre-rendered shadow

_mg.dds : specular- determines the shininess and color of reflected environment light

_n.dds :  normal map- this adds the blue texture files allow you to create dents and grooves on the surface of a model



Files with extension  .mfm

.mfm files control which texture files the Game Client look up. Editing them will allow you to designed files with alternatives.


Files with extension .primitives

These are 3D model files. Regrettably I do not know what software are used to open/edit them, nor do i know about the procedure involved.

Perhaps other modders will be able to comment on this.



Readying your mod for game

There are some preparations required in order to successfully load your mods.

1. Create a empty file called PnFModsLoader.py in res_mod\[version number]

This file is needed to initiate PnFMod loading.


2. Create a file called Main.py containing the following lines





Replace ShipID with the Ship ID of the ship you are modding. 


3. Remove unneccesary file like ModsSDKExport and the Main.py file before sharing


Unfortunately, I’m not the most knowledgeable modder when it comes to PnFMod modding. While my esteemed colleagues at NA server and EU are compiling a comprehensive manual covering various aspects , there are only so much I can answer about PnFModding.


However, should you come across a problem when modding with the ModsSDK, I strongly advise you to check out the python.log file in directory \World_of_Warships\profile . The log file is readable with any text editors and searching for your own mod’s name inside the log should easily return relevant error messages.


Common Problems

1. Texture not found on deck-house glasses


This problem is caused by a loose end in the transparent_glass_alpha.mfm configuration file. To fix this, open the  transparent_glass_alpha.mfm and edit the <texture> file path to the following


2.Texture not found on aircraft propellers

Similar to problem 1, the solution to the problem would be in the propeller mfm file (file name would end in something like Blade_02_alpha.mfm)




A few fellow modders and WG staffs has helped me in gaining knowledge about PnF modding. At the end of this simple guide, I would like to give them a shout out. They are

AstreTunes       (EU, Yuudachi_Kai_Ni)

CompassRose (NA server)

MatroseFuchs (WG) 

Sub_Octavian (WG)

MedvedevTD (WG)

Aerroon ()

o_fingers_o (NA)


Good Luck and happy modding, fellow modders!

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