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LF GER/ENG Clan, mainly for Divs, CW maybe later

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As stated above im Looking for a clan for regular divs. The clan members should reflect my own skill, the perfect fit would be a clan with better Players than myself to improve my Gameplay.


The next may Sound cocky but please no Sub 50% Clans who just derp around in randoms and have Zero game understanding. And please no easily offended members, jokes in pvp are mandatory, sometimes even bad ones.


ENG speaking Clans preferd, GER too. I have a functioning mic and am willing to use it.


Mainly playing evenings German timezone.


You can contact me ingame if you want or i you have any questions, my stats are not hidden so have at it.


Cheers, Crytis


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Hey mate!


[-FNV-] is a semi-competetive group of players who want to enjoy this game in a friendly, open environment.  We currently number about 20, and we use a discord for communications.  We offer you:

  • Regular division play
  • A tight knit group of friends to play with
  • Clan battles play at a fairly high level (2 consecutive seasons in Storm)
  • An environment to win and improve yourself doing it.

Feel free to message me here or join our discord. 


Fair seas!

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Red Unicorns is a Warships clan part of Red Unicorns gaming community. We are looking for active players to fill up few last spots in our clan.

Any active player looking for steady groups for Division play, operations, Clan Wars or a good crowd to play with is welcome to join us. 

Since we are also doing casual Clan Wars we are looking for a few new Active Fleet commanders and officers to join us.


If you are looking to join us just a few things;

* We use Discord Click Here to Join

* Be active on discord and get involved in the clan activities (working mic is mandatory element)

* Be polite and respectful towards other players within and outside the community

*You must maintain that you are no more then 30 days since your last battle or you will be removed from clan

* You must be at least 16 years old to be accepted
* You ought to have at least 1 tier 6 ship


Current Clan bonuses include following:
+4% XP Bonus per Battle at All Tiers
+25% Free XP per Battle at All Tiers

+10% Commander XP per Battle
-12% of post Battle servicing cost at All Tiers
-15% to the cost of normal tech tree ships at All Tiers
+7% to Coal that you receive


This is a Multi-National Community and welcomes everyone.

Besides World of Warships we play many other games together as well: Some few examples consist of: WoT, PUBG, 7DtoD, Overwatch, AW etc.

If you feel this would be a suitable place for you, then jump on our discord 
Click Here to Join or message one of the officers in-game directly:




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If you're looking for a fun, English speaking and non-elitist clan with daily players from many different European countries, look no further.


At Solaire Invictus, TORCH, we enjoy all forms of play. From divisioning up to Clan Battles.


We are a top 100 clan on the EU server. We're currently looking for more members so would like to invite you to try us out.


During the cb test season we got into hurricane league.

Season 4: Typhoon.

Season 5: Storm.

We mainly use discord so if you visit our server as a new recruit our officers can give you access and you'll be able to play with our members in divisions and such.




Hope to hear from you soon! :D 





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