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Hey all, 


So after playing battleships for most of the time in WoWs and a little dabbling of cruisers over the years, I thought I would take the plunge and try carriers. Mostly because I was getting bored and needed something new to try. However I feel like I should ask for some tips before I jump into randoms in my Furious. I've attached at the bottom of this thread screenshots of my captain build and the only random match I've played. 


So what I have been doing at the start of the match is the following:-


  • Attack planes first
  • Scout the ships and highlight where they are 
  • Hunt the destroyers and harass them (sorry)


From there is when I start to have issues, I can land my rocket hits, just about landing torpedo hits (barely) but my bombers I struggle with. So the crux of this thread is asking for tips, advice and help. It may just boil down to training room and co-op practice but I felt the need to ask the community. 



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